Hot Lists Monday, July 31st

Hereford's Best Kept Secrets (food + drink edition)

Hot Lists Monday, July 31st

Hereford's Best Kept Secrets (food + drink edition)

Everyone has their own favourite spot, some have their own favourite order. These, in no particular order are them.

They might not be your favourite spots, or in some cases even the best thing on the menu at these places, but they are each the kind of order you're going to want to try at least once. And then tell your friends about.


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Coconut milk flat whites @ King St Kitchen

Coconut milk makes everything better, including, apparently, flat whites - which were already a damn-near perfect coffee delivery method. Grab yours on King Street at this great little café nestled in amongst about 17 estate agents’ shops.

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BBQ chicken wings @ the Burger Shop

You know about the burgers, or if you don’t, you should. But the hidden star on the Burger Shop menu are these sticky, crispy, a-little-bit-spicy BBQ wings that come in a paper pot and just fall off their little bones when you bite in to them.

Wine by the mouthful @ Noble & Wild

If browsing a wine list leaves you feel like you might as well be reading Chinese, then this little hack might help you work out what wine you actually like. Noble & Wild has a bit of kit that lets you buy wine by the either the glass or by the mouthful meaning you can try a whole variety of vintages and still get up the next morning.

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Espresso martinis @ the Shack Revolution

The Shack’s espresso martini goes toe-to-toe with anyone anywhere in the world. The secret? Top end Chase vodka and a shot of real, gourmet coffee from Peter James, along with a touch of Frangelico, Kahlua and an infused sugar syrup.

Sunday brekkie @ De Koffie Pot

For all its great new food spots, there’s a noticeable lack of places open for Sunday brekkies. Even if there were, De Koffie Pot’s fully-charged fry-up served on china plates in its riverside courtyard would still warrant your attention.

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Anything by Cloudwater @ Hereford Beer House

You could pretty much write in ‘Anything by anyone’ here. HBH is an Aladidin’s cave. You’re going to find something you like, or if you don’t know what you like Johnny and Amelie will help find it for you. Most recently though, we enjoyed a lovely little can from award-winning UK brewer Cloudwater.


Sourdough pizzas @ Rocket café

Pizzas were born in to this world as a simple food. Done well they still are. But what separates the good from the great are quality ingredients, and the Rocket café has those in spades, from Ben’s years-old sourdough sample to the freshest torn basil leaves.

Mango chicken sandwiches @ Hereford Deli

If you need to grab some more olive oil, you should plan your trip in to Hereford Deli around lunch time, just as an excuse to try one of their doorstep sandwiches loaded full of creamy, sweet, curried chicken.

HPA and table football @ the Barrels

If Butty Bach is the star of the Barrels’ pumps, then HPA is its under-rated, slightly more grown-up big brother. Light and a little citrusy it goes perfect with sunny evenings playing table football in the beer garden.

Duck ramen noodles @ Noodles in a Box

This one comes courtesy of food writer Holland Otik. Hereford’s High Town market has a few gems – the falafel stand knocks up hot crispy balls of chickpea covered in five different, brightly-coloured sides – but the noodle stand edges is because, along with lip-smacking noodles, it has tables to sit and enjoy them.

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Stuffed dough balls @ Mediteranné

These are the kind of starter that think about cancelling your main and just getting another two plates. Spinach, pine nuts, mozzarella and Ali’s special dough recipe. Simple and soulful, a bit like Ali’s unconventional restaurant based on an industrial estate.

Macaroni balls @ The Beefy Boys

Their burgers win awards in Vegas. You’re going to order one. But get a little mac’n'cheesy with your order either with the deep-fried macaroni balls or by putting both together and ordering the Macaroni Boy. It’s heavy and 100 percent worth it.

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Sirloin on the bone @ The Bookshop

The Bookshop’s sellout steak nights just went from one night a week to three which means you might get a chance to try some of the most tender beef – courtesy of the legendary Farmer Tom – that you’re ever likely to try. The sirloin on the bone feeds two and looks like something from the Flintstones.

Steamed buns @ Secret Dumpling Club

The monthly supper clubs roll out Asian-inspired course after Asian-inspired course, but the little cloud-like steamed buns are fluffy jewels in a meaty crown.

Carne asada tacos @ the Firefly

Back under the watchful eye of Mad Snacks, the ‘fly just brought back their freshy fresh steak tacos as part of a menu relaunch. God gave you two hands – one to hold a beer, and one to hold a taco.

Pastrami sandwiches @ Legge’s deli

A little goldmine of a deli at the bottom of Aylestone Hill, Legge’s pork pies are the stuff of legend. But their pastrami/jarslberg/mustard mayo baguettes don’t play around either.

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Lucky Buddha beers @ the Speakeasy

The best-looking bottles we’ve ever seen, in maybe the best-looking bar in Hereford. Brewed and bottled at Thousand Island Lake in China, it’s a light and clean sip when it comes to lager and when you’re done you’ll probably be sneaking the bottle out with you.  


Cold brew coffee @ Sensory & Rye

We wrote about this one as well. This year’s caffeine delivery method of choice, S&R’s cold brew takes up to 20-hours to make and uses Method Roastery’s beans for a fresh swig that’s going to charge up your day. Drowning your latte with ice is so 2016.

Vino & vinyasa @ Café Miro

Simple concept: yoga + wine + Friday night = a zen’d up end to your week. It’s a new class that uses the great little suntrap that is Café Miro’s terraced garden.

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Donut shakes @ Tandem Bakery

These look like the kind of treats that appear in your FB feed just when you’re feeling hungry. Indulge yourself at the gorgeous little Widemarsh Street café.

Sunday BBQ’s @ Gilbies Bar

If you don’t feel like sweating through a roast this Sunday, you should definitely check out the Mediterranean-style grilling going on in Gilbies' secluded, city-centre courtyard every Sunday. Grab some fresh fish, seafood, or meat, charred to your taste, and wash it down with a wheat beer or a glass of white.

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Cocktail happy hour @ The Cellar Door

Alongside a foodie's food menu, the Cellar Door does classic cocktails better than anyone in the city. It also does them at half-price from 6pm-9pm on Fridays. Check the weather and either kick your weekend off on the small roof terrace out back, or pull up a chair on the groundfloor of the stylish, stripped-back restaurant.

Baked eggs, chorizo and Estrella @ Little Black Dog café

What part of that sentence don’t you like? LBD is open for evenings now - wait for a bit of sun and roll through for this classic tapas trifecta.

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