Hot Lists Sunday, July 9th

Dear Students...How To Survive Your Summer Holidays Back Home

Hot Lists Sunday, July 9th

Dear Students...How To Survive Your Summer Holidays Back Home

So last August you moved away to study Astrophysics or Hospitality at Bristol or Manchester or the University of Central Lancs and you’ve all but grown up over the intervening 10 months.

You can now make multiple gourmet dishes using only baked beans, stale bread and some form of Savers Cheddar. You’ve perfected your clothing rotation to the point where you now only need to do a wash once every three weeks, despite going out once every three nights. You may even have gone so far as to having held down a proper real life bar job for weeks on end.

You are a grown up.

But now you find yourself back in your old room for the summer, and no amount of Wolf Alice tour merch or barely-thumbed Kierkegard texts strewn across that bedroom will quell the feeling that you have somehow outgrown these four walls.

You are a right. But being right does not mean you have the right to regress in to some limp-armed, slack-faced Inbetweeners character at the thought of having to spend two whole months living and eating rent free at the convenience of those people who love you most in the world (and likely help to support you through those other ten months of endless Jaeger-bombing).

Neither does it give you the right to go on to all your mates who didn’t go to Uni about ‘how Canterbury’s just got so much more going on, y’know, if you’re a creative’. Yes, Stormzy may have toured your adopted Second Home in February but – and trust me on this – your mates will be your mates long after you thought eating jerk goat curry on a rooftop bar was a transformative experience, and if you say things like that, those same mates will think you’ve become a bit of a dick.

It’s simple, just didn’t be that guy/girl. Don’t fall in to the trap.

That said, if you’re going to survive this summer with your sanity you are going to need things to focus your mind and move your feet, and that is where you’re in luck.

Because Hereford isn’t the same Hereford it was 12 months ago. Between festivals, club nights and eats – there’s enough to make it through the summer in one piece, no NUS card necessary.

Here are Herefordshire Live's summer survival suggestions: 

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1. Festivalling

This weekend El Dorado is back at Eastnor Castle near Ledbury for its second year. This is just a taste of the 2017 lineup: Groove Armada, Jax Jones, Felon, Shy FX, AJ Tracey, Channel One Soundsystem, the Weaver Bros, Dan Shake, Artful Dodger.

I’m not joking. You can escape to one of the country’s best and freshest boutique festivals, and be close enough to nip home for bacon butties. Invite your uni mates down to rave away with your mates from home, or just Snapchat them when Groove Armada drop Superstylin’ in the Eastnor flipping Deer Park.

Late notice? Fair enough. Why not check out Krafty Kuts and the Happy Mondays at Nozstock (July 21-23) or The Charlatans at Lakefest (Aug 10 – 13, also at Eastnor).



2. Fast Feasting

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know about the Beefy Boys. And yes, they’re still better than whatever £7 ratburgers you’ve been chowing down on at Revs, and you should definitely log a few hours while you’re home. But there’s also new hot dog spot opening in Hereford city soon, the ongoing Asian-inspired excellence of the once-a-month-ish Secret Dumpling Club, and our favourite brekkie, brunch and cold brew coffee spot, Scandi-style Sensory & Rye, which opened in Nov.

Talking of street food, Hereford Indie Food makes it’s triumphant return on the late August Bank Holiday Weekend (Aug 26 - 28) with pop-up street of food, washed down with a load of live music in the evenings. Last year they had Gus from Alt-J.

Oh and we’ve got a Papa John’s now. And a Deliveroo. It's like being in London in 2014. 


3. Films

Yeah, I know, young people don’t go to the cinema any more. Why would you pay ten quid for a ticket when you can crowd around a mate’s laptop, pausing the new Guardians’ film at 10-minute intervals while you wait for it to buffer?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Mandarin subtitles as much as the next man but I may have a solution for you.

The Courtyard has a ridiculous deal for the under 25s. The Courtyard Card gets you in to any film for £3 (not a typo) and 20% off food and drink. And they show a real range of seriously good films.

Plus, there's Arts Alive - showing critically lauded films in random village halls (better than I've just made it sound).

Also, Hereford Odeon now has its regular Screen Unseen showings where, for £5, you get to see a premiere weeks before it’s released. Generally, they’re great too. Last month was Baby Driver and before that we watched Get Out, Whiplash, Room, Moonlight, and Mindhorn. The next Screen Unseen in Hereford takes place on July 17.

Check our Movies This Month hotlists for the best films hitting Herefordshire screens. 


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4. Pubbing

You should definitely clock some time at Play 54. It’s tradition. And you’ll miss it in 12-18 months when you feel awkwardly old in there. But you should also check out a few new nights going on across the city.

The Firefly has a couple of brilliant takeovers (Firefly Funk, Reggae Pie and Club JuJu) as well as a decent open mic night.

Club Babe just launched a live music night for indie kids at Booth Hall (which also hosts Herefordshire Pride in late-July) and - although not strictly a pub - The Shack Revolution just launched a Rum & Reggae night on Wednesdays.

Then there's Hereford’s-own underground Speakeasy, beneath the Left Bank, that hosts monthly comedy nights, as well as being a cool, secret bar the rest of the time.

Sprinkle them in to you normal diet of the ‘Barrels, Barrels, Kerry’, to ensure you don’t get bored by the end of July. 



5. Make the most of being somewhere other than a concrete jungle where dreams are made of

I’m not saying you go full on Sound Of Music but get out in the fresh air.  Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the Wye. Hike Pen y Fan by the moonlight. Or check out this new event – based on the Beer Float in Finland – where you float down the river in rubber dinghies.

If it’s raining, but you still want to get the most out of your active wear, check out the new indoor climbing/bouldering centre in Rotherwas – the Send.


6. Use our What's On guide, obviously

We launched this site 18 months ago to champion the best of Herefordshire from bar and restaurant openings to nights out and days with the fam.

Bookmark this - - and don't say 'there's nothing happening in Hereford'.

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