Hot Lists Wednesday, March 1st Words by: Adam Knight

Movies This Month: films to see in Herefordshire this March

Hot Lists Wednesday, March 1st

Movies This Month: films to see in Herefordshire this March

Here’s our pick of the best movies hitting Herefordshire screens this month. And don’t worry, we double-checked the envelope.

Special mention: Borderlines Film Festival (Feb 24 - March 12)

We’re blessed this month when it comes to film-watching with Borderlines Film Festival beaming both unusual and Oscar-winning movies to theatres, cinemas and village halls all across the county until March 12. Rather than pick out our favourites, we asked festival programmer Jonny Courtney to do the honours. Check out his top tips here, and the full programme here.


Logan (15)

Hereford Odeon | released March 8 | tickets here

Hugh Jackman straps on the adamantium claws for one last rodeo. The trailer looks incredible. Don’t go expecting cheeky, wink-to-camera comic book movies of late. This is what happens when you drop the one great outlaw/superhero in to the desperate dustbowl of the modern Westerns.

Talking of which…

Hell or High Water (15)

Bromyard Conquest Theatre | March 1 | tickets here

Ledbury Market Theatre | March 10 | tickets here

The best modern Western since Javier Bardem's bowl cut stole the show in No Country For Old Men, Hell or High Water tracks Texas ranger Jeff Bridges as he hunts down brothers Chris Pine and Ben Foster in an improvised mission to rob the bank that robbed their mother her whole life.

It features an unbelievable soundtrack that'll have you searching Amazon for cowboy boots. 

Beauty and the Beast (PG)

Hereford Odeon | released March 17 | tickets here

This much-anticipated live action adaption of the Disney classic features Emma Watson as a riding boots wearing Belle hoping to save the soul of CGI’d Downton star Dan Stevens. Everyone’s favourite singing candlestick will be back, and the film features Disney's first "exclusively gay moment".


Scream Unseen (15)  a mystery preview screening

Hereford Odeon | March 6 | tickets here


A must for horror fans, Scream Unseen gives you the chance to catch a top-drawer horror flick weeks (or months) before it’s released to the public, and for just £5.

The catch, as with Odeon's Screen Unseen, is that you don’t know the film until the credits roll, although there are clues [read more].

Moonlight (15)

Hereford Courtyard | March 10, 11, 12 | tickets here

If you haven’t yet seen the Oscar winner, Borderlines has three screenings this month. 

The triptych tells the story of one man's life in inner-city Miami. Described as "beautiful, vital and devastating” by Borderlines' Independent Cinema Office programmer Jonny Courtney, it will long be held up as one of the best films for a generation. 


Toni Erdmann (15)

Malvern Theatres | March 26 | tickets here

Having come out of Cannes lauded as one of the best, and more bizarre, comedy-dramas in recent memory, Toni Erdmann follows a father trying to reconnect with his slick, oil-exec daughter by appearing in her life as a series of false-toothed, wacky characters.

"By a wide margin the funniest almost-three-hour German comedy you will ever see" - The NYTimes


Hereford Courtyard | March 5 | tickets here

This is a rare cinematic experience in the truest sense of the phrase.

A favourite of both Scorsese and Kubrick, Napoleon is an epic depiction of the little French general that wanted to take over the world, rarely shown in cinemas. At five and half hours long, it's no La La Land. Fortunately, screened by Borderlines Film Festival, Abel Gance’s tour de force with be screened at the Courtyard with three caffeine/lunch breaks.

Details here.

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