Hot Lists Friday, January 26th , pictures by: Tile/banner image by Deja Vu

(Probably) The Six Best Things To Do In Hereford This Weekend

Hot Lists Friday, January 26th

(Probably) The Six Best Things To Do In Hereford This Weekend

To paraphrase the great Aaliyah: "It's been a long time, we shouldn't have left you, without a dope What's On Hotlist to step to."

So in lieue of our comprehensive What's On listings (soon to be relaunched), here's a quick guide to what's happening this weekend.

In no particular order...


Déjà Vu cocktail takeover @ The Den

The skinny: The cocktail wizard/ ‘mixologist’ behind Déjà Vu knocks up the kind of mind-blowing drinks you, ironically, won’t have seen before.

When: Saturday, from 6pm (book  a table at The Den).

Order: Anything, but the Tiramisu would be an indulgent way to reward yourself for 26 days of Dry January.

More here.


Vegan street food and funk music @ The Firefly


The skinny: Good vibes + dirty-in-a-good-way drinking food + a funked-up live DJ set that Jesus/Nile Rogers would dance to.

When: Sat, from 9pm (street food served all evening).

Order: Pulled jackfruit burgers if you like American-style BBQ, Bang Bang Broccoli if you’re good with the hot stuff.

More here.


Brew22 @ The Barrels

The skinny: Soulful seven-piece play The World’s Best Pub.

When: Friday, from 8pm.

Order: HPA, always.

More here.


Heineken Comedy Club @ The Courtyard


The skinny: This now curry-less comedy club is still as raucous as ever and this week features a comedian called Olaf Falafel. (Also Alex Smith and Robin Morgan, but their names are more bank manager-y).

When: Friday, from 8pm.

Order: Pitchers of beer for the table – you don’t want to be the one getting up for a round in the middle of a comedian’s set.

More here.


Reggae Pie/Rooftop house music double-header @ The Left Bank

The skinny: Two bars, two vastly different BPMs. Jim Snowzell (Phuture Phonic) soundtracks the re-opened roofbar, while the Reggae Pie crew bring their soundsystem to the underground speakeasy.

When: Saturday, from 9pm.

Order: Lucky Buddha beers downstairs, vodka tonic with a twist if you’re roof-topping.

More here. And here.


Thugwidow @ the speakeasy


The skinny: Thugwidow may have the kind of name that makes introductions with mother-in-laws a touch awkward, but the Kudatah/Ruff Cutz DJ can pump out some serious Jungle. With support from local star JakeBob.

When: Friday, from 9pm

Order: Anything you’re not going to spill when the basement club gets a bit hectic.

More here.

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