Hot Lists Friday, January 26th , pictures by: Tile/banner image by Deja Vu

Cool Stuff Happening in Herefordshire This Week

Hot Lists Friday, January 26th

Cool Stuff Happening in Herefordshire This Week

To paraphrase the great Aaliyah: "It's been a long time, we shouldn\'t have left you, without a dope Whats On Hotlist to step to."

So in lieue of our comprehensive What's On listings (soon to be relaunched), here's a quick guide to whats happening this week.

In no particular order...


Screen Unseen @ the Odeon, Hereford


The skinny: The Odeon premieres a new movie months before it's out to general public - for just £5. The catch is, you don't know what it is until the credits roll (but it's almost always something great).

When: Monday, 8pm (book tickets online).

Fingers crossed it's: Oscar-favourite Ladybird. Although could well be Margot Robbie's ice-skating psycho biopic I, Tonya. 

More here.


Scenic: Discotek takeover @ Play, Hereford


The skinny: Play ditches its Sean Paul 2000s Classics playlist in favour of a new night which features actual DJs, actually mixing. First up are Discotek.

When: Sat, from 11pm (Ross Powl & Tom Howell from 1am).

Bring: Dancing shoes, good vibes, 90s streetwear.

More here.


Pre-Valentine's Day speed dating @ The Spread


The skinny: Like Tinder, but in real life. For charity. Come on, what are you scared of?

When: Friday, from 6pm.

Conversation starters to avoid: 'how are you still single ;)', 'Knock, knock...', Brexit.

More here.


Face Yoga @ De Koffie Pot


The skinny: Yoga for your face. Megan Markle does it, and she could afford a facelift if she wanted one. 'Smooth & tone' your face with this workshop.

When: Wed, from 7pm.

Order: Wine/coffee & cake downstairs once you've zen'd up your cheekbones. 

More here.


Big screen 6 Nations + live music @ The Wobbly Brewing Co, Hereford


The skinny: A cool little micro-brewery on the edge of town opens up its taps for £2 beers and music from Phoenix for England v Wales and Ireland v Italy.

When: Saturday, from 12.30pm.

Order: Their stout (The Crow) for the Ireland game, then transition on to the more session-friendly pale ale, The Welder.

More here.


Revaux headlines DnB night @ the speakeasy

The skinny: The Leeds duo line up alongside Deadline for the launch of a new night heavy on the drums and/or bass at the underground club.

When: Friday, from 9pm

Order: Anything you’re not going to spill when the basement club gets a bit hectic.

More here.


Cloth Culture exhibition @ De Koffie Pot, Hereford

ClothTileThe skinny: Textiles students from HCA look at the idea of 'costumes' in this week-long show at DKP.

When: Open 10am - 5pm, until Monday.

More here.



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