Hot Lists Saturday, May 19th

QUIZ: Match these weirdly-specific Trip Advisor reviews with their Herefordshire attraction

Hot Lists Saturday, May 19th

QUIZ: Match these weirdly-specific Trip Advisor reviews with their Herefordshire attraction

Trip Advisor – if you’ve never been on there – is a worldwide messageboard predominantly used to complain about carpark charges.

On its surface, it’s a great idea. There’s this wealth of knowledge on even the most obscure of attractions. Whitney Bridge - a pretty, if otherwise unremarkable, roadbridge in West Herefordshire -  has 79 reviews.

But when you dig down in to the comments, you quickly realise the site is populated by the kind of people whose best part of a day out is hastily typing out a review about it, likely using a single index finger.

They are the kind of people who always leave early ‘to beat the traffic’. They write long, heartfelt Facebook statuses whenever a celebrity they never met dies. They blame rap music for the rise in knife crime.

In short, they are the kind of people whose recommendations you would take with a fistful of salt if they gave them to you in real life, and yet when there’s a massive crowd of them all tapping away on their iPads we treat their 3* ratings as gospel.

And this has warped the tourism industry. The difference between a 4* and 5* rating on Trip Advisor can make or break a new restaurant within its first 12 months. Most major tourist attractions spend hours responding to good and bad reviews every week, all because Janet took to the internet to complain about the overt nudity of the crucifix keychains in the giftshop (“I don’t think it’s appropriate for the Cathedral to be selling pornographic souvenirs. Whether the topless man on the cross was the Lord and Saviour or not. There are children around. Disappointed.)

Although there is a whole industry of fake reviewers who bump restaurants up the rankings – something that was brilliantly exploited by a Vice writer who made his own shed the #1-ranked restaurant in London despite never serving a meal – the real ones are highly entertaining.

They fall largely in to two categories.

  1. The have-a-go Shakespeare who takes to the task like they’re writing for the Sunday Times, and
  2. The disgruntled citizen who only came to the internet late, but is not letting a total ignorance of punctuation slow them down.

Both are goldmines in their own way, and we can only hope that future generations will not use their comments as a historical document of What Life Was Like In The 2010s.

We’ve picked out a few in the quiz below. See if you can match-up the weirdly-specific comments to the Herefordshire tourist attraction.

(It should be noted that almost all of the attractions featured have pages of glowing reviews and many have five-star reviews – and you can check them out below – but most of the fun happens in the three- and four-star bracket)




Chase Distillery

Hereford Cathedral/Chained Library

Hereford Cider Museum

Eastnor Castle

Canwood Gallery

Goodrich Castle

Symonds Yat Rock

International Centre for Birds of Prey

Brockhampton Estate

Hampton Court Castle

Berrington Hall


Westonbury Mill Water Gardens

The Weir Gardens

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