Hot Lists Tuesday, January 17th Words by: Adam Knight

The 6 Reasons Hereford Should Be City Of Culture 2021 (according to the people behind the bid)

Hot Lists Tuesday, January 17th

The 6 Reasons Hereford Should Be City Of Culture 2021 (according to the people behind the bid)

This is happening, people.

In April, Herefordshire will be bidding to be the UK City of Culture 2021. We want opera on every corner, violins for all 5-year-olds and Sir Ian McKellen doing Othello in outside the Buttermarket. Get behind it, or get out of the way.

Just kidding.

The City of Culture bid probably isn’t what you expect. But to help define what it is, the very serious-sounding Herefordshire Cultural Partnership met this week to share ideas and presumably decry the influence of X-Factor.


“It had a terrific, buzzing atmosphere,” said Hereford College Arts principal Abigail Appleton, who as vice chair of the Partnership will be one of the main figures shaping the bid ahead of the April 10 deadline.

“Lots of people from different areas attended and there was an enormous energy and determination to work together across the county.

“The UK City of Culture is an amazing opportunity to raise Herefordshire's profile on the national and international map, help drive economic growth and give everyone who lives, works and visits the opportunity to experience some never to be forgotten arts and culture."

In no particular order, here are the bid team’s top reasons why, in four years’ time, the UK City of Culture should be #Hereford2021:



1. Hereford is at a tipping point

Winning City of Culture would turbo-charge existing cultural activity. It would also help underpin success for the hugely ambitious new university NMiTE as well as many other initiative across the city; drive economic growth, raising the profile of Hereford on the national and international map and making it more attractive to its visitors and new residents.

2. The three C’s

We are committed, creative, and competitive - this area can already boast of some outstanding artistic and cultural activity and there are real opportunities through educational and cultural development to attract students, new businesses and young professionals.

3. The bid works from the bricks to the sticks

Winning City of Culture would transform the fortunes of the whole region not just the city at the heart of the bid. 

 4. We’re sick of seeing our young people flee to London to ‘work in recruitment’

Look beyond its lovely landscape and historic housing and Herefordshire is an area with real pockets of deprivation and disadvantage, and is in the bottom 5% of local authorities in terms of average wage, and haemorrhaging its young people.

5. Stronger Together

The bid is led by a dynamic coalition of cultural organisations and businesses working together to tackle these challenges and improve lives through arts and cultural regeneration.

6. Basically…

We want to redraw the Mappa Mundi with Herefordshire writ large.


Want to get involved, or maybe just find out more? There's another Herefordshire Cultural Partnership networking event - focusing on the county's Food Culture - coming up on Monday February 20. It's at the Courtyard and there's even a free screening of Rural Media's cider opus 'Golden Fire' thrown in.



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