Hot Lists Saturday, March 3rd

The best International Women's Day events happening in Herefordshire

Hot Lists Saturday, March 3rd

The best International Women's Day events happening in Herefordshire

There have been women in Herefordshire for a long time - ages actually - but this is the first year that there will be an organised International Women’s Day in Herefordshire.

And what is one of those? In essence it’s a day-long programme of events, workshops and general shenanigans that ties in with Thursday’s global celebration (and inevitable hashtag), but one that is a real way to bring women and the community together in Herefordshire.

You don’t get a day off for it – like you do in Asia – but it is the perfect opportunity to get involved in the conversation or just to kick back for a couple of hours and check out a film written, directed and starring some kick-ass women.

There are things going on all day and in to the evening, all across Hereford - but here are our picks of the programme: 


What: Amnesty International event - Women’s Struggle Worldwide

When: 12.30pm

Where: The Speakeasy (at the Left Bank)

If #MeToo moved the needle, there are parts of the planet Twitter campaigns just don’t reach. Amnesty International knows them better than anyone. Head down to the Left Bank for a discussion about life for women in those quiet corners – expect “actions, information and thought-provoking entertainment.” 

What: Triple F-rated films @ Borderlines

When: various

Where: The Courtyard

Triple F’s not some new bra size – it’s a rating Borderlines Film Festival came up with last year to identify and promote great movies that are written, made by, and star women. Even When I FallJeune Femme, and the brilliant, Oscar-nominated Lady Bird all have the Triple F rating, and all have screenings at The Courtyard throughout Thursday.

Check out the full Borderlines programme here, where you search for all the Triple F films, as well as F-rated films (which feature a female star, writer or director) like another Oscar favourite The Shape Of Water, which is also showing on Thursday.


What: Poetry open mic

When: 2pm

Where: The Speakeasy (at the Left Bank)

Hosted by Ledbury Poetry Festival manager Philippa Slinger, the open mic’s a chance for you to spit some truth about the patriarchy – or, y’know, just your favourite limerick. Bring one of your own, bring someone else’s, or just bring a friend and hear people say things that mean something to them.


What: Free legal clinic

When: 3pm – 5.30pm

Where: Coffee #1, High Town

Like The Clash said; Know your rights. We know women frequently get the short end when it comes to things like gender bias in the workplace. The best way to counter this, is to know where you stand legally. Drop in to Coffee #1 for this clinic run by female lawyers from Kidwells, who can offer free advice on anything from divorce, to commercial advice for small businesses.


What: Artists meet and greet + exhibition

When: 10am – 4.30pm

Where: The Courtyard

Three talented local artists are showing their work, and putting themselves in the frame. Fine art photographer Alexandra Weaver is there from 10am – 12.30pm, ‘notion of motion’ painter Kathryn Sassall is at the Courtyard from 12.30pm – 6.30pm and Adrienne Craddock is around to talk about her prints and paintings from 1pm until 4pm.


What: Sexual abuse advice and support

When: until 2pm

Where: tbc

Following #MeToo we’re more aware than ever that sexual abuse is shockingly prevalent, in all corners of society, at home and at work. This drop-in, organised by West Mercia Rape & Sexual Abuse, is a judgement-free chance to ask any questions you may have, or to have a conversation with one of WMRSASC’s trained professionals. Contact the organisers here to find out where the event will be taking place.


What: Salsa workshop

When: 3.30pm

Where: Café Miro

Listed on the International Women’s Day Hereford site as ‘Donna Salsa’ - which sounds a little like a kebab-shop order – this is in fact a chance to have a little boogie and try salsa dancing with Donna Sockett in between all the talks and films and other notably seated activities.



The day before, Herefordshire’s A Great Place is hosting a live Twitter chat, hearing from women in the film business who come from the county. Head to @GreatPlace_Hfds from 6pm – 7pm on Wednesday to join in.


For the full listings of International Women's Day Hereford events, head over to the official website here.

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