Hot Lists Sunday, December 1st Words by: Adam Knight

The best places to buy your real Christmas tree in Herefordshire

Hot Lists Sunday, December 1st

The best places to buy your real Christmas tree in Herefordshire

There are some smells that we, as humans, are chemically wired to respond to. Freshly ground coffee, a still warm paper packet of fish ‘n’ chips, and real, chopped-down-in-the-wild Christmas Trees.

Now, I’m not saying that dragging down a plastic tree from the loft is not without merit. I’m sure you don’t miss turning your feet in to pin-cushions for three weeks a year. But it’s just not the same.

And when Santa drops down the chimney on the 24th, just know that he will, in his own, jolly way, be silently judging you. Rudolf, too.

For the rest of you - as it’s now officially December - here’s a list of some of the best places to get your real Christmas tree from, wherever you are in the county.



Dinmore Hill Christmas Trees are big boys of the Herefordshire Christmas Tree scene.

Not once, but twice they’ve supplied the tree for none other than 10 Downing Street – by virtue of winning the British Christmas Tree Grower Association of the year award. Nestled in to the Dinmore hillside, just off the A49, it’s a quaint location with a huge range of trees. And it’s got a massive inflatable Santa who looks like he could take off at any moment.

Find out what, when and how you should choose your tree from Dinmore Hill here.





Festive Forestry might be the most poetic name for a Christmas Tree seller that we’ve ever heard, so it makes sense that they have a location in Hay-on-Wye.

The main base however is in Brilley, near Whitney-on-Wye, complete with some pretty spectacular winter views across the county and a simple pay-by-the-foot pricing structure. Get all the details here by clicking here. Those views...





Leigh Sinton might be best known for its speed trap, but the little village just across the Worcestershire border also does a mighty fine spruce.

Take a right off the A4103 if you’re coming from Herefordshire and you’ll find Leigh Sinton Christmas Trees, open 9.30am - 5pm every day, and ‘till 7pm Thurs-Sat. If you’re busy, they can also deliver a freshly cut tree to your door (within a 25-mile radius – check here for prices and details).

Click here for info on Leigh Sinton Christmas Trees, including how to store your tree properly outdoors before you bring it in to decorate. Just watch out for that camera when you go to pick it up.




Planted on an old cider and perry orchard in Coddington, Festive Ledbury trees are grown with the environment in mind, and that love and care shows in their gorgeous trees.

You can order over the phone, via email (click here for all the info on how), or you can go out to the farm and pick one yourself, either from the freshly-harvested stock or by pointing to one still in the ground, which will presumably then be cut down by a Coddingtonion lumberjack. Then just load it up on to your car, or sidecar...



The beautiful village of Little Dewchurch has its own boutique operation, offering assorted sizes of Norway Spruce and Nordman Fir, all local, all home-grown. Signs are up in the village as of today, or you can give them a tinkle on 01432 840826 to come and select a growing tree for cutting a little closer to Christmas.



Just South of Hereford you can find the appropriately-named Hereford Christmas Trees (formerly Table Top Christmas Trees).

Having been lovingly grown, fed and pruned by Kevin and Querida since 2008, trees from Hereford Christmas Trees are also supplied to many of the local schools, and all have a zero carbon footprint. Which is pretty good in our book. For details on how to get there and what to expect,  click here.





The garden centre chain started off in Herefordshire, before laying down roots throughout the UK. And this year you can get a Nursery Grown Nordman Fir from Wyevale which you can then plant in the garden after Christmas and use its foliage for decs and wreaths next year.



Stay with us here. While this isn’t going to be one for this year, Tesco are selling Grow Your Own Tree packs for just £4.95. Great, right? The only kicker is the tree won’t be fully grown for 18 months…


Wye Valley Reclamation

This place is just a real-life, repurposed, upcycled Aladdin’s Cave, selling everything from man-sized gargoyles to cutesie retro decorations. The fact that they now also sell Xmas trees is just a great excuse to go and get lost there for an hour or so.


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