Hot Lists Tuesday, November 1st

The best way to see the Supermoon around Herefordshire

Hot Lists Tuesday, November 1st

The best way to see the Supermoon around Herefordshire

This is the one night of the year when people are actually looking forward to it getting dark early.

Tonight the moon will closer to us than it has been since 1948. And the result is a ‘supermoon’ – a moon which will look between 7-15 percent bigger and 15-30 percent brighter to the naked eye.

Of course, this being Britain, there’s a chance of cloud spoiling to ruin this rare interplanetary event. But there are a few tips to getting the best view:

1. Get techy

There is a whole range of apps used by the more avid skygazer which can come in handy for tonight. The ‘Luna Solaria’ app allows you to see the rise and set times of the sun and the moon - meaning you will know when it’s going to get dark tonight (kind of important – sunset is around 4.12pm), and when it’s going to be darkest. Also if you want to catch a unique view of the moon, it will let you work out when this massive white ball will begin to drop behind the horizon creating an incredible visual (/Instagram post).

Talking of which 'Night Cap Pro' is an app that’s used by tech-savvy astronomers to take great pics of the night sky on their smartphones. Want to get a better pic than the other 500 people in your Facebook feed? This is how.

2. Get out of town

Yes, you could just pull open the curtains or head out in to the back garden,  but street lights and urban light pollution will severely spoil the view. There isn’t going to be another moon like this for around twenty years so why not grab a blanket and head out in to the dark skies of the countryside.

The good news is that you don’t have to go far – this is Herefordshire, after all. Check out this map below showing dark sky spots around the county:


We are actually blessed with some of the best stargazing spots in the whole of the UK, within spitting distance of the county’s borders. So if you feel like an adventure, load up a thermos and head to one of these spots tonight;

Brecon Beacons

In 2012 the Brecon Beacons national park was just the fifth place in the world to be granted Dark Sky Reserve status, and regularly runs nighttime events. Find out more here, and check out Premier Cottages guide to the Beacons' best spots below.


Hay Bluff

A steep buttress overlooking Hay-on-Wye, Countryfile named Hay Bluff as one of the best places in the UK to check out the night sky.

Long Mynde

Going north, about half an hour from Leominster, Long Mynde in Shropshire was also awarded Dark Sky status making it a great place to see the supermoon shine brightly tonight. Shropshire Astronomical Society pick out some of the area's best spots here.

And if you miss the supermoon tonight, don't worry there will be another big full moon to enjoy in December (it's just not a Supermoon).

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