Hot Lists Thursday, December 22nd

Quiz: How will you be boozing this Boxing Day?

Hot Lists Thursday, December 22nd

Quiz: How will you be boozing this Boxing Day?

Booze-wise there are several cornerstones to the festive period.

First up is The Office Party, an often-awkward grouping where colleagues in Christmas jumpers can be seen huddling around a plate of mini-quiches, hoping desperately that they have something more in common than the same 50 square feet of carpet they walk around on 9-5. Before the whole thing inevitably escalates and you’re buying Jaeger Bombs in the Kerry with Dave From Accounting.

Then there’s Christmas Eve, which – depending on your age and dependents – can vary wildly from a quiet pint/sherry/mulled wine down the local, to belting out Mariah’s ‘All I Want For Christmas’ in Play as your Dutch Courage tells you, ‘yes, you will absolutely be able to stomach The Biggest Meal Of The Year’ in eight hours’ time, now go get us another tequila’.

But the undoubted king of the seasonal sesh, at least around Hereford, is Boxing Day.

Aside from a few squads of recently-reunited Unilads having a liquid lunch at Spoons or the Barrels, the Boxing Day Booze Up is a typically leisurely start, kicking off after people dispense with their family obligations – building new Lego models, making sure Nan’s got milk in, going for ‘a walk’, that kind of thing.

After that however, there are few pre-ordained plot points to the Boxing Day Booze Crawl. Every group is different. Some have longstanding traditions, others include a sit-down dinner, but generally speaking, most finish late and festively messy as the combination of excitement and bracing air takes its toll.

One thing is certain - no-one’s driving. To help you on the inevitable path, have a go at this (very scientific) quiz which will determine your perfect Boxing Day boozer.

If you're feeling energetic, scroll down as we've crafted three perfect Dec 26 pub crawls that will take you on walking tour of Hereford’s watering holes. Just try and leave the traffic cones where they are.


(Ed note: at the time of publishing not all the pubs had listed their Xmas opening hours - unfortunately Hereford Beer House, and their bevvy of Belgian beers, isn't open on Boxing Day - but they are open until 9pm on Xmas Eve if you want a bottle of St Bernadus Christmas Ale)

From the Rose & Crown to the Barrels


Part of the charm of the Boxing Day Booze Crawl is poking your head in to the type of proper pubs you don’t usually get a chance to – whether that’s because you work in recruitment in London, or just because your friends refuse to meander from the time-honoured Barrels-Kerry-Play route 51 weeks a year.

This route takes in early stops at the Volunteer and the Victory, brilliant and quirky boozers (the latter looks like a pirate ship inside) before rolling in to town via Commercial Road and a few of its more notable establishments. It finishes with a little loop of some city centre pubs guaranteed to have a bit of atmosphere to match your mood.


1. Rose & Crown, Ledbury Rd – 2. The Volunteer, Harold St - 3. The Victory, St Owens St – 4. Weatherspoons, Commercial Rd – 5. Yates’, Commmercial Rd – 6. Gilbies, Commercial St – 7. Gordon Bennett’s, St Peter's St – 8. The Lichfield Vaults, Church St – 9. The Firefly, King St – 10. Mecca/The Barrels, St Owens St.


From the The Monument to the Barrels


If you live out West, try this route – which works its way in to town via three of Whitecross Road’s most popular pub, including a Wye Valley-owned, belter of a pub, the Brit, tucked away on Cotterell Street).

The mid-section takes your through three spots with a range of beers that will keep out the cold and  have you nice and merry for some of the bigger pubs on Widemarsh St where you will inevitably have the same conversation about what you’re up to these days  with at least 12 different people.


1. The Monument, Whitecross Rd – 2. The Britannia, Cotterell St – 3. Beer In Hand, Whitecross Rd – 4. Hereford Beer House, West St – 5. The Firefly, King St – 6. The Litchfield Vaults, Church St – 7. The Imperial, Widemarsh St – 8. The Wellington,  Widemarsh St – 9. The Golden Fleece, St Owens St – 10. Mecca/The Barrels, St Owens St.


From Vaga Tavern to... you guessed it, the Barrels


Heading out from a proper local, complete with woodburner, you then cross the river with the outside chance of seeing two world famous karaoke nights (the Queens and the Fleece - if they are running).

You can also grab a cheeky Jamal’s en route if you’re hungry, before winding your way around to the best city centre pub not named the Barrels, Church Street’s Litchfield Vaults, or the Litch for short.


1. Vaga Tavern, Vaga St – 2. The Black Lion, Bridge St – 3. The Firefly, King St – 4. Hereford Beer House, West St – 5. Queen’s Arms, Broad St – 6. The Lichfield Vaults, Church St – 7. Gordon Bennett’s, St Peter's St – 8. Gilbies, Commercial St  - 9. The Golden Fleece, St Owens St – 10. Mecca/The Barrels,  St Owens St.



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