Hot Lists Friday, September 7th

Weekend Essentials: Amps, art and Everest.

Hot Lists Friday, September 7th

Weekend Essentials: Amps, art and Everest.


LIVE & LOUD. The Left Bank, Hereford. Saturday.

Guitar music is on the way out.” That’s what Decca records said in their rejection letter to the Beatles in ’62. It wasn’t, and it isn’t. Even if it feels like the live scene in Hereford of late has been limited to cover bands’ cover versions of Layla, and younger cover bands covering the Killers.

There are, however, still some very talented kids out there picking up Stratocasters, plugging in keyboards and playing their own stuff. And a load of them are playing at the Left Bank this weekend for the debut of LIVE & LOUD.

Event info here (£4 in, 7.30pm doors), but read on below for more on the bands.

BBC Introducing favourites Jake of Diamonds and S K Y L Y T S are joined by the harder-driving rock ‘n’ roll of relative newcomers Cheating Lights.

Check out Jake’s latest track I Feel Alright above. Do it now. Hit play and just have it on in the background while you read the rest of this. It’s a lovely little number that takes things in a King Gizzard-y direction - layering up guitars and giving them space to breathe - and away slightly from the Suck It And See stylings of Albion. 

S K Y L Y T S are this richly-contemplative four-piece that have the kind of melodies that’ll likely have you gazing in to the middle distance as you hold your beer and think about that summer girlfriend/boyfriend you shouldn’t have let go. Have a listen to their latest EP on Bandcamp (with a great little feature from rapper Quen), or check out their latest video below.


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Magik White Party. Play nightclub, Hereford. Friday.

Having survived Sonus, your Friendly Neighbourhood Party Starter is back on the 1s and 2s at Play54 for his residency. You know the deal. A lineup of hand-picked selectors playing the best house music this side of Chicago.

Don’t wait until Saturday to start your weekend.





Greek night. Mediterrane, Hereford. Friday.

Talking of residencies, we are particularly partial to the semi-regular themed nights thrown by Mediterrane’s Chef Ali. And not just because they’re Bring Your Own Booze.

The food’s great, plentiful and served in buffet form at one of the quirkier restaurants Hereford has to offer. It starts at 7pm, and only costs £12.50 – but you might want to book a table by calling 01432 378202.

ALSO this weekend, it’s Ludlow’s famous food festival. It’s a mere 23 minutes away on the train from Hereford, and less from Leominster, and it takes place in a castle. Eat, drink, wave to the Beefy Boys, and stumble back towards the train whenever you feel a food coma coming on.

Check out the full list of stalls and demos here.




Marcus Brigstocke. The Courtyard, Hereford. Sunday.

You might know Marcus Brigstocke from every BBC comedy panel show ever, or from Hay Festival, where he routinely hosts breakfast where he rips apart the daily headlines, or from that joke on the internet about Pac Man creating generation of teenagers shuffling around in the darkness munching pills to the sound of electronic music.

His latest stand-up show, Devil May Care, is heavy on the political satire, but not too heavy to feature a picture of him in full-on Halloween make-up as the promo image.

Tickets are £18 – you can buy them here.



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h.ART. Everywhere. All the time.

That description is not some philosophical observation that art is everything and everything is art. It’s just noting that for the next nine days, you won’t be able to move for exhibitions and installations as the annual celebration of brush and broad creative vision that is h.Art returns to the county.

The 2018 editions takes over manor houses and home studios across the whole county as local artists showcase their work – in the vast majority of cases, for free. Some have got cool arty names like Kate Kato and Blaze Cyan. Some haven’t.

Some specialise in more traditional fine art, or pottery, or black and white photography. Some hit molten metal with hammers.

There will quite literally be something for everyone, whether or not you know what it is right now, or how it might yet change you after seeing it.

We’ll be publishing a hotlist of stuff to check out tomorrow on Live, but until then you can head across to the official site for full listings of the artists and venues participating.




Green Spider Conquers Everest. Green Spider Indoor Climbing, Rotherwas. Sunday.

As the title suggests, this epic idea for a fundraiser invites volunteers to chalk up as the climbing centre collectively try to wall-climb the height of Mount Everest. That’s almost 9,000m for any non-Geography teachers out there – although the chance of frostbite is significantly less at the Rotherwas unit.

Money raised goes to St Michael’s Hospice – head down and help out if you can. More here.

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