Hot Lists Friday, April 27th

Weekend Essentials: Syrian suppers and sound systems

Hot Lists Friday, April 27th

Weekend Essentials: Syrian suppers and sound systems

We’re trimming things down a little for this week’s Weekend Essentials. In clickbait terms, these are The Five Things You Absolutely Cannot Miss Out On This Weekend. 

1. Big name Drum and Bass from SpectraSoul

When: Friday night, doors at 10pm.

Where: Play nightclub, Blueschool St, Hereford.


Twisted Sounds are taking over Play for the latest, and almost-certainly, greatest Scenic: Drum & Bass night yet. What you need to know about the duo SpectraSoul;

- they’ve released music on Goldie’s label.

- Mixmag love them.

- their 2012 singles ‘Light in the Dark’ and ‘Away With Me’ brought them on to the national airwaves - with play across the BBC - before their follow-up album ‘The Mistress’ took them to the next level, with massive support from Annie Mca, MistaJam, Friction, and Giles Peterson.

- their touring diary has taken SpectraSoul, with their “seductive production skills and achingly-smooth mixing abilities”  across four continents, and has seen them rock dancefloors in more than 30 countries.

- they’ll be playing Outlook this summer in Croatia.

- they are the antithesis to “the soul-less, synthetic rave fodder so many associate with D&D today.”

Info, including the full line-up, here.


2. Avengers: Infinity War

Where: The Odeon, Old Market, Hereford.

When: All weekend. On Sat there are 13 2D screenings, and three 3D. Click here for times.


These days there are only a handful of things you’d put in the Collective Experience category. Thanks to a seemingly endless scroll of different Netflix boxsets, and to Spotify playlists that are tailored with an unnerving accuracy to your own personal tastes – it feels like no-one’s watching or listening to same stuff any more.

There are still a few exceptions. Game of Thrones, any time Beyoncé (and maybe even the Arctic Monkeys) drop a new album, and the Marvel films.

 You might not even like them that much, but know this;

- if you don’t watch the new Avengers film within a week, you’ll end being that annoying person who has to cover their ears while your mates talk about it.

- that situation will reoccur between five and seven times, and you’ll start to feel like Vince Vaughan’s kid in Old School.

- some bloke talking loudly on his mobile in Costa will end up spoiling half of the plot twists for you anyway.

- and after all that, to explain away why you still haven’t seen Infinity War, you’ll have adopt a hipster alter ego where you tell anyone who listens that the Marvel films are “just a giant corporate scam whose artistic value begins and ends with Robert Downey Jnr’s beard”, before inviting them around to yours to drink homebrew beer and watch New Wave French Cinema on VHS.

Seriously, just go and watch the Avengers. 



3. The Firefly’s funky vegan garden party


Where: The Firefly, King St, Hereford.

When: Saturday, noon – 1am.


It is well-documented that the Firefly is one of our favourite watering holes, and the King St crew are celebrating. It’s two years since they burned down the Orange Tree pubsign and reopened with a bar of great beers, smoked streetfood and weekend musical takeovers that jumped from funk, to reggae to hip hop.

On Saturday they’ll be cutting the ribbon on their refurbed beer garden, and christening it by firing up the smoker and welcoming DJ’s Russ Mather and Lee Morris to the decks for an all-day funk/soul/hip hop party.

Like the new-look streetfood menu, the BBQ will be entirely comprise of plant-based deliciousness. More here.


4. The Courtyard’s comedy curry club with Julian Deane

When: Friday, 8pm. Get their earlier if you want a korma.

Where: The Courtyard, Edgar St, Hereford.


Julian Deane’s back at the Courtyard. When I saw his show about 18 months ago, he was a relentlessly funny headliner who cleaned the room up. One of the best casually-pretty-dark joke-tellers on the circuit, he’s also the guy you don’t want to heckle.

Also on the comedy club bill this month is James Loveridge and Kelsey De Almeida. I haven’t seen either of them, but that’s what Google’s for.

Buy tickets here.


5. Live beats, rhymes and soul from Mr Woodnote, Lil Rhys, Eva Lazarus

Where: The Globe, Newport St, Hay-on-Wye.

When: Saturday, 8pm.


Eva Lazarus is one helluva vocalist, with a ‘fro that don’t quit. With respect to the wildly-talent loop-pedal impresario Mr Woodnote, you’d happily the (ridiculously-cheap) ticket price just to see soulful Brummie songstress.

Mr Woodnote brings a mic, a couple of saxophones, and hopefully the restored reputation of live loop peddling post-Ed Sheeran, while the delightfully named, presumably Welsh, MC Lil Rhys will also be on the microphone.

Expect “hip hop and funk flavours [mixed] with jazz and dance harmonies.” TICKETS HERE.


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