Hot Lists Friday, August 17th

Weekend Essentials: Fleet Foxes, films and NestFest 2018.

Hot Lists Friday, August 17th

Weekend Essentials: Fleet Foxes, films and NestFest 2018.

This is a slightly-short version of our weekend shortlist. But I’m on a train, and everyone’s either at Green, Sonos or saving their $$$ for next weekend’s Bank Holiday weekend so...


Green Man, Thurs - Mon

Technically off our patch, but seeing as it’s a world-famous music festival which you can catch a local bus to, I’m okay with making the exception. Nestled in to the Brecons, Green Man fills the hills with the kind of bands your cool mate listens to (and tells you, at every possible opportunity, that you should be listening to). This year’s line-up does nothing to weaken those creds, featuring the likes of Grizzly Bear, Fleet Foxes and The War On Drugs.

If you’ve never been, there are endless rumours of a famed gap in the fence that has been exploited by locals for years. This could be your year. It’s worth it to play indie bandname true or false (Brian Jonestown Massacre – real name, Joan As Police Woman – real, Christina and the Glass Parrots – not real). And if you’re going – let me know how Kevin Morby’s set is.

Check the full lineup, and the day-by-day breakdown, on the official website here.



Nestfest @ The Nest, Sat

Home to the Homemade Scotch Egg Co, The Nest - just outside Ledbury - is already one of the best brunch (+ lunch) spots in the county, all low-fi cosiness and good-for-the-soul food. You don’t really need an excuse to go there, but here’s a good one. Each year they host a mini-food fest out the back with pop-up food and stalls from some of their favourite makers and producers.

It’s child- and dog-friendly, and there are bands playing throughout the day (until 6pm) – including the culinarily-named Three Bone Joint.

More on their FB event page here.



Speak, Brother @ The Globe, Hay-on-Wye, Sat

Saturday Shenanigans at the Globe come this week courtesy of Coventry five-piece Speak, Brother. Their debut record this year was smooth and gorgeous and little haunting. It skewed a little Folk James Blake, and a little less of the Mumfords/Avett Brothers/Kodaline vibe they’d been known for – regardless, this a a very good band that you can see this weekend for just seven English pounds.

Tickets and info here.



Generation Wealth @ The Courtyard, Fri/Mon

Docos are so hot right now. That’s why there’s about 700 new ones added to your Netflix every month. But like any film, they are better on the big screen – and this one is worth the trip. One of HL’s Movies This Month picks, Generation Wealth is about money. It is specifically about those who have a lot of it, and why they want - and will always want - more. This is what we said about it earlier this month.

On her previous, brilliant doco The Queen of Versailles, Lauren Greenfield demonstrated a real talent for pointing her camera at the rich, and specifically the nouveau riche. Generation Wealth widens the net. Greenfield goes to Russia, Dubai and America, forming a portrait of those riding this wave of relentless, unapologetic capitalism.

Tickets and showtimes here, and FYI, it’s listed as an 18-rating which may just be an error (eith way, it’s the CY, so you’re probably not going to get ID’d unless you wear your school uniform.


And finally there’s also a classic car show on at Warehouse 701 on the southern edge of Hereford, in Rotherwas. We like classic cars, we like the Aladdin’s Cave that is Warehouse 701 reclamation, so we thought we’d mention it.

See you next week for a bumper Bank Holiday edition.

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