Hot Lists Friday, September 14th

Weekend Essentials: Night markets, disco and Crazy Rich Asians

Hot Lists Friday, September 14th

Weekend Essentials: Night markets, disco and Crazy Rich Asians

your weekend cheat-sheet is back. Now go out, and live your best life. 


It’s the launch of the first dedicated disco night at Hereford’s newest nightspot, yet another renovated, undiscovered corner of the Left Bank Village. The Boiler Room - which had its ribbon cut for the house night takeover last month and has no relation to the pretty iconic club culture brand, except, hopefully - in its partying predilictions, is up on the top floor, overlooking Bridge St. And it’s a space made for a party. Which is good news as disco just happens to be the most-danceable musical genre known to man, especially the modern, take that comes through CDJs.

The night, of course, is called Saturday Night Fever.


Abergavenny Food Festival. It’s a short drive out West, but your stomach will thank you for it. The famous food fest runs Saturday to Sunday, with a load of bands, entertainment and general night market-ing going on up at the castle if you’re busy in the daytime.


Two films that at first appear to be at opposite ends of the spectrum (Rom-Com vs Critically-Acclaimed, Foreign Language Film Shot In Black And White), Crazy Rich Asians and Cold War both scored a 93% Fresh Rating on the Tomatometer. 

CRA had been a (surprise) smash at the Box Office in the States in a genre that, let’s be fair, has gone downhill since Matthew McConaughey stopped leaning on things. It’s on at the Odeon throughout the weekend. Cold War was one of our picks of the month – it’s one of the best films of the year, without question -  and is far less like homework than Polish Film Release In Black And White 60 Years After We Learned How To Shoot In Colour may sound. There’s a matinee screening on Friday and a 6pm show on Monday (and others in the following days).

Also Screen Unseen is back, after what seems like only a few days. The last £5 mystery screening was American Animals, and going off the late-September release dates in the UK for a pair of potential Oscar bait-y titles (the Freddie Mercury biopic starring Remi Malek, and the Bradley Cooper Is A Country Singer vehicle A Star Is Born) are in play for Monday night’s screening. Book up, it may well sell out.


The Courtyard's Autumn of Comedy kicks off with a Club night tonight - read more about it here - while on Saturday, All Saints' Church in Hereford gets taken over for the night by Farcical Comedy. 

Belly Laughs is out there actively standing up for every 12-year-old Catholic kid who got in trouble for laughing in church, with Phoenix Nights'/Peter Kay buddy Barbara Nice headlining a bill that also features - and I quote - Marti the German and BGT's Alf, alongside MC James Ryan. For an extra tenner, you can even get a slap-up supper from the kitchen of legendary chef Bill Sewell.


This one looks like a pretty special night at Much Dewchurch. The Orchestra of the Swan moves from Baroque to the tango – this is not your normal buttoned-down recital – as the music spans centuries and continents. You can get family tickets for the event at the Steiner Academy, and if you can drag the kids away from their ipads for the night, it should be a special night of music organised by Arts Alive. 

More here.


Few things to check out this weekend; there’s a new venue in Ledbury – The Barn – that’s got stuff on both Friday and Saturday night. It’s BabaJack guitarist and true bluesman Trevor Steger on Friday, and Dave Onion, Toby Wren and Mark Stevenson at the St Katherine’s spot on Saturday. There are some highly-rated (and highly-priced) folksters at the Courtyard, which is turning its studio in to cabaret-style seating for the event, and loop-pedal guitaring from Paul Balmer at the new taphouse at the Wobbly Brewery in Hereford.  


Also Pure Studios – Hereford’s premier pole dancing studio – has it’s showcase on at the Courtyard on Friday night, but – sorry – it’s already sold out.

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