Hot Lists Friday, August 24th

Weekend Essentials: The Bumper Bank Holiday edition

Hot Lists Friday, August 24th

Weekend Essentials: The Bumper Bank Holiday edition

Evening campers. We might not have a carnival, but we do have a load of stuff to shake it to this weekend. You’ll just have to supply your own Red Stripe.

Here’s the Bumper Bank Holiday Hotlist.


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This is not a festival. It’s a project. They are very clear about that. Although were it a festival, it would be the kind of sprawling, multi-venue takeover-style festival that you don’t get to see much outside of bigger urban centres. It is also cool as hell.

On Saturday, using three of Hay’s best music spots – the Old Electric Café, St Mary’s Church and, of course, the Globe – The Kingdom Project has got a lineup featuring everything from film installations to the legend of the Roxy Club (and now 6 Music) that is Don Letts. There’s a world music bill at the Old Electric caff that’ll make you forget which kingdom you’re in, and a headline set at the Globe from Mr Letts’ 6Music colleague – and Guy That First Played That Song You Love – Tom Ravenscroft.

Make the most of it; bounce from venue to venue, theatre to gig, drink to drink, and finish up with a good ol’ boogie on Newport St. Tickets are available here from the official site, with different pricing structures for individual venues, or for the whole festival, *cough* project.


This is our Notting Hill*.

The Barrels’ Beer Festival might be the only time throughout the whole year that the Unofficial The Best Pub In The World enforces some kind door policy – but it’s worth it. Sure there are beer festival with more kegs, but to be honest after the age of 15, getting drunk in a tent is wildly over-rated – when instead you could be doing so in the Unofficial Best Pub In The World with all your mates, and a load of great bands.

There are those weekend warriors who turn up Friday and go home when all but the drip trays have been drunk dry – but if you have to pick one night, go for Friday. All the beers are still on, but more importantly, so are Busk Until Dawn. Led by local lad Greg Bishop, they’re hands-down one of the most fun sing-along, dance-along, drink-along bands you’ll ever see in a pub.

Tickets are going pretty quick – especially for Saturday night – but if you miss out you can always partake in that Herefordian tradition as old as the Barrels Beer Festival itself by standing out back with puppy dog eyes and asking anyone going in if they’ve got a spare ticket (or check with door staff if there have been any returns). If you don’t fancy that, get down there this afternoon and buy one. And it raises a barrel-load of money for a great cause – St Michael’s Hospice.

(*The carnival. Not the soppy/brilliant Hugh Grant flick)



When she dropped her debut book 'Concrete Girls' earlier this year documenting the UK girls’ skate scene, Charlotte Thomas became the first person to turn her lens exclusively on female skaters. Originally from Hereford, she’s taking over the skatepark for a day, a homecoming of sorts, with a load of live music, BBQ, and girls’ skate comp. There’s going to be heaps of stuff going from 1pm, with comps, exhibitions, merch and people walking around taking shots of you shredding. More here.

There’s nothing like a regatta for a jolly good time down by the river. Ross Rowing Regatta might lack the straw boaters and blazers of a Henley, but it’s a great weekend’s racing – with most of the finals happening on Monday – featuring talented crews from across the country. Get the full programme here.

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Kaleido. If you don’t count Sonos, this is truly the only way to say goodbye to summer. Back for another Sunday takeover at Gilbie's – and by that I mean that they take over, entirely transforming the city-centre courtyard in to a #scene, all day-glo slinkies, camouflage netting and happy, smiley, party people  – the Kaleido boys are here to play you through the afternoon and in to the evening with the finest of house beats, and the soundsystem to match. Italy’s-own Stany is headlining, have a listen to his stuff here. Get there early, and have a boogie. More on Kaleido’s page here.

So Solid MC Romeo Dunn’s relevance in pop culture looked to have been reduced to a pun on his surname – but that’s before we found out he was doing a gig at the Venue on Sunday night. Head down for a little garage-adjacent nostalgia on – the promo says – the main stage, so we’re assuming he’s going to drop bars. And you know it’s going to go wild if he does 21 Seconds.

To indulge in something a little more soulful, The Firefly has its fortnightly funk night Souled Out - featuring funk, smooth grooves and big beats (alongside big beers and vegan Big Macs)

The Left Bank has a house double-header this weekend , and new Boiler Room area if you haven’t checked it out yet. Leading things off on Saturday is InDeep up top on the roof bar for some deep house cuts, then on Sunday they’re hosting their own day session with Sunkissed dj’ing the courtyard (still love their ‘wonderful music for outrageous people’ tagline) from 3pm, then Graham + Heapsy taking over for the night slot upstairs. Beefy Boys and the Dog House will be on hand to keep you fed.

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Olliefest – an annual weekend-long party down at Ross Rugby Club – has pulled out all the stops this year, and booked a slate of big-hitters. You’ve heard of Coldplay, UB40, Robbie Williams? Well wait until you hear their tribute acts. At Olliefest. There’s a great family-friendly vibe throughout the days (it’s on Fri – Sun) with a funfair and loads of food vans, and it runs in to the wee hours with DJs taking over for late-night crowd. Check out their FB page here for the full lineup.

Elsewhere in the county, the Alma Inn in Linton (2016 Pub of the Year, donchaknow) is hosting six bands for it’s final Linton Summer Sessions blowout. Among them are the Badoos and Troy Redfearn. Head on Sunday for the music, stay for the bouncy castle.

There’s also a load of pub bands playing in pubs. Here are some of them. Call of the Kraken @ Gordon Bennetts (Fri) Bandstand buskers @ LB Georgie Hayes and David Barney, RP McMurphy @ the Volly, Rubble at Gordon Bennetts, Lost Boys @ the Vaga, Mike Surman at the Golden Fleece, Wooton Hillbillies @ White Lion, Leominster, Sons of Yoda @ the Bell, Leominster.


Screen Unseen is among the best cinematic experiences you can have for FIVE ENGLISH POUNDS, and, I’d hasten to add, a mighty fine way to ease through your Bank Holiday Hangover. If you haven’t been yet, it’s the screening of an unknown (but likely soon-to-be Oscar-nominated film) weeks before general release. Odeon does tease a few clues in their Twitter using the hashtag #odeonscreenunseen if you want to try and work it out before you go (scroll to the bottom of this page for our best guess). Tickets here.

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Perfect if you’re a single male adult who enjoys Pixar films, but don’t want to finish your cinema visit with a call from the police, the Courtyard is hosting an adults-only screening of The Incredibles 2 on Saturday. For a while now, it’s been clear Pixar make their films for kids and adults alike. They’re beautiful, heart-warming stories which – unlike Harry Potter books -you shouldn’t be ashamed of telling your other adult friends that you enjoy watching. This adults-only screening means you can do so without sniffling toddlers and the constant parade of parents being dragged to the toilet. Tickets here.

Also on Friday night at the Courtyard is The Escape. It was one of our Movies This Month picks – click here to find out why. Bromyard has a nice double header of Flicks in the Sticks screenings this weekend with the big screen version of the kids’ classic Peter Rabbit on Sunday night, and 2018 Oscar-bait, tailor-porn (not literally) Phantom Thread on Friday night. Tickets.


All the world’s a stage right, well on Friday night, the gorgeous English Heritage site that is Goodrich Castle quite literally will become one, for a performance of Much Ado About Nothing. It’s a modern take on the Shakespeare play, with the appropriately-named Rain or Shine Theatre Co setting things in the aftermath of WW1. Info and tickets here. Another of Herefordshire stately residences, Berrington Hall, near Leominster is letting you go boating on its lake this weekend – so why not pack a picnic and have a splash around. Weather-wise, Saturday certainly looks like your best shot at staying dry, capsizing aside.


If you’ve still got room for food after yesterday’s National Burger Day (beef shin sloppy joe’s at the Burger Shop, anyone?) there’s a bottomless prosecco and tapas (the tapas aren’t bottomless unfortunately)  event going on at Glewstone Court if you want to do your brunching in a country house this weekend.

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