Hot Lists Thursday, October 26th

What's on this weekend: the Halloween/Anti-Halloween edition

Hot Lists Thursday, October 26th

What's on this weekend: the Halloween/Anti-Halloween edition

Whether you’re the kind of person who mutters about how ‘Halloween’s just an American tradition created to sell greeting cards and prop up the fake blood industry…’, or you spend September planning your fancy dress and making eyeballs out of lychees – there’s something happening in Herefordshire for you this weekend.

Here’s some of the best bits to look out for, split in to two sections (much like a Freddie Kruger victim might be); parties for Halloweenies, and events for the Halloween-ambivalent.

(And if you need some last minute fancy dress ideas on the cheap, check out these Costumes Only People From Herefordshire Would Get.





What: Blair Witch Project screening in the woods

Where: Queenswood (between Hereford and Leominster)

When: Sat,  10pm

The skinny: Just imagine it. The sound goes quiet, the screen's dark as the petrified teens make their way through the on-screen wood convinced they're not alone, and then behind you, you hear the real rustle of leaves, and broken branch - because YOU'RE ALSO IN A WOOD AND ARE NOT ALONE. Grab your blankets, and go for the PG-rated Hocus Pocus at 7.30pm if that’s a bit much for you.

Fear Factor: Bring additional underwear.

More here.

(If you can't get tickets and still want to hide behind some popcorn, the latest Saw film just came out - and it's showing at the Odeon in Hereford.)



What: Dia de los Muertos latino dance fest

Where: Left Bank, Hereford

When: Sat

The skinny: No-one does Halloween like the South Americans (as one particularly epic Bond opening will attest to). Also, no-one does salsa like the South Americans either. There’s dance classes all day,  and partying, live music and circus performances all noche.

Fear Factor: Dancing in public, sober.

More here.



What: A fright-filled 5k fun run

Where: Starts at Hereford Rowing Club

When: Friday 7pm

The skinny: Feel like you’re in your very own marathon-gone-wrong horror movie ,and your run through underpasses and along riversides never quite knowing what might lurk around the corner. Like a Haunted House ride that you run.

Fear Factor: Uncontrollable sweating, a racing pulse and hyper-ventalation. And that’s just the running part.

More here.


What: Lord Beattie’s Halloween party

Where: Little Black Dog café, Hereford

When: Saturday from 8pm

The skinny: Lord Beattie’s annual costume parties at Saxty’s have become the byword for Halloween hijinks in Hereford over the last few years. This time around he’s taking over the Little Black Dog for a party that’ll raise the dead. Free entry, DJs and discounted drinks. Costumes only though, so get creepy and creative.

Fear Factor: Prepare for goosebumps.

More here.



What: Group singalong sesh from the Great Halloween Songbook

Where: Market Theatre, Ledbury

When: Sun, 12.15 – 6pm

The skinny: Spend the afternoon ripping through some spooky classics from the likes of Rocky Horror, Wicked, Thriller and the Little Shop of Horrors,  with some pro tip from the Big Sing teachers from the West End.

Fear Factor: Having to watch Rocky Horror with your parents.

More here.



What: Pro-level pumpkin carving for the little ghouls out there

Where: Creation Station, Hampton Bishop

When: Sat, 10am

The skinny: Learn, Blue Peter-style, how to make pretty any spooky creation using only pipe cleaners and Sellotape. Loads of Halloween-themed crafts to keep the kids busy before Trick or Treating.

Fear Factor: Minimal. Unless you’re a pumpkin.

More here.



What: It’s Day of the Dub, so skank like a skeleton

Where: The Spookeasy (Speakeasy), Hereford

When: Sat, From 9pm

The skinny: Already rocking the kind of industrial look that could be a from Shoreditch bar or a Saw movie (school desks and bare concrete), the Spookeasy gets a transformation as it welcomes the Dead and dub for some roots, reggae and drum ‘n’ bass courtesy of King David Sound.

Fear Factor: The prospect of being stuck in nuclear bunker with several white people with dreadlocks.

More here.


And for everyone else...


What: Hay craft brewery takes over the taps of cool Hay beer spot

Where: Beer Revolution, Hay  on Wye

When: Sat, from 3pm

The skinny: Get your lips around four brews coming off the Beer Revolution taps from Lucky 7 - who just launched their Coffee Cocoa Stout – and BR’s swanky new HQ in town.

More here.



What: LOKIA playing a funky, old-schooly, housey dj set

Where: the Firefly, Hereford

When: Friday night

The skinny: "Packed with dancefloor fillers," the organisers say. "Funk, Old School Disco and House," the poster says. "Go and have a good time," we say.  Tom Lockyer (‘LOKIA’) is on the 1s and 2s.

More here.


What: Autumn 10k fun(ish) run

Where: Hereford

When: Sat, 9am

The skinny: Like its seasonal cousins – organisers also run Summer and Winter 10ks – this run’s open to all abilities, whether you're going for gold or just looking for something active to do after giving up booze for the month. You'll get a medal either way.

More here.


What: Award-winning wine tasting in Ledbury

Where: Hay Wines, Ledbury

When: Fri, 7.30pm – 9.30pm

The skinny: Stroll down the aisle in Sainsbury’s and pretty much every bottle has an award of some kind. It’s like a kinds’ sports day at a new age primary school. Well, find out how wines win awards, which ones are worth knowing, and try ten of the best while you’re at it.

More here.



What: New 80s bar Rubix holds its opening night

Where: The old ‘Shake and Stir’ in Hereford

When: Sat night

The skinny: Everyone loves the 80s, right? Except the youth, who now love the 90s, apparently. But this seems like a good excuse to roll up the sleeves on your suit jacket and boogie to some Cyndi Lauper.

More here.


What: Opening weekend of (probably) the best Marvel film yet, Thor: Ragnarok

Where: Hereford Odeon

When: Fri – Sun, various times

The skinny: The latest superhero flick is arguably the funniest, and probably the best yet if the reviews are to be believed. And with the trailer showing a Hulk vs Thor Gladiator-style face-off, you’re going to want to catch it while it’s on the big screen.

Tickets here.


What: Reggae Pie is back at The 'fly. Because reggae isn't just for the summer, and pie's aren't just for the North.

Where: The Firefly, Hereford

When: Sat night

The skinny: A well-stocked rum bar,  and dub and dancehall courtesy of DJ Nico Demus.

More here.

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