Hot Lists Thursday, March 8th , pictures by: Tile image by Herefordshire Live/Discotek

Your weekend essentials: club nights, kids + caribbean food

Hot Lists Thursday, March 8th

Your weekend essentials: club nights, kids + caribbean food

In lieu of our fully-loaded What’s On section – still enjoying a brief hiatus, last seen fist-pumping in a Miami nightclub – here’s another essential guide of what’s happening this weekend in Herefordshire.

Essentially, it’s the answer to ‘Hey, what’s going on this weekend?’

PS. There’s a lot. Which is good, seeing as last weekend even a trip to the local required the planning and thermal underwear of an minor arctic expedition.

So, without further ado....



One of the more momentous things to happen to Play’s dancefloor – more momentous even that Sean Paul collaborating with Blu Cantrell, or That Time Dave Did Some Breakdancing – on Friday night Discotek are taking over Play 54 (the back bit), with a full lineup of living, spinning house DJs ranging from the Disco to the Tech. Get there, party people. Y viva la revolution.

 On Saturday, you’ve got two options – Firefly Funk for the kind basslines scientifically-proved to make you strut like James Brown, or the rooftop Charles bar, which is hosting a new night ‘Sunkissed’, which describes itself simply as “wonderful music for outrageous people.”


Thursday is International Women’s Day, and Borderlines Film Festival – always one to champion some brilliant works put out by female writers and directors through its F-ratings – is screening a number of interesting and brilliant works from Oscar-nominated coming of age story from first-time director Greta Gerwig ‘Lady Bird’ to French coming of age story from first-time director Leonor Serraille 'Jeune Femme'.

Borderlines continues across the county this weekend, check out our picks here and the full listings here.

Obviously it was the Oscars on Sunday – here’s where you can catch up with any of the nominated films you may have missed – with the Odeon in Hereford and Richard Booth’s Cinema in Hay screening a number of them on Friday and Saturday. More here.

If you fancy some opera, the Conquest at Bromyard has a screening of the world-famous Metropolitan Opera’s performance of Semiramide on Saturday evening. 


Well, it’s National Pie Week so you probably hit up Gregg’s. Jk, I’m sure there are a hundred brilliant Steak and Ale’s around the county (although the award-winning Pieminister pie’s at De Koffie Pot does take some beating if you're down there for some music).

Otherwise, Chef Ali is hosting a snow-delayed Greek Buffet at Mediterrane on Friday night, while on Saturday the Left Bank is holding a Mad Hatter Vegan Pop Up Tea Party. And, if you thought that title sounded painfully hipster, wait until you hear the vendors: Herbs et epices, the harmless butcher, Mr Nice Pie etc etc.

Jokes aside, the lineup looks brilliant, and any time you can get some great Caribbean food in Herford, you absolutely should – regardless whether the curry goat has real goat in it or not. There’s also loads of stands, kids’ activities and music from the  busking bandstand to keep you entertained while you eat. 


Now their snowmen and poorly-built igloos have melted, normal parenting duties have resumed. This weekend there’s a Wildlife Watch Club, where Herefordshire Wildlife Trust expert Nigel Hand is teaching youngsters how to find and observe reptile and amphibians. That’s on Sunday’s and ideally for 7- to 14-year-olds.

For little ones, there’s a load of colourful, short films being shown at the Courtyard on Saturday morning – with free activities on beforehand – while the Oscar-winning animated film Coco, starring a 12-year-old Mexican musician, has three showings on both Saturday and Sunday


The Six Nations is back – which means every pub in the county gets excited at the prospect of cramming in hundreds of beer-swilling fans for something being shown of terrestrial TV. England v France is the late game on Saturday, following the massive Ireland v Scotland clash – find the best micro-breweries and big screens putting the game on with our 2018 guide here.

More interested in racing than rugby? It’s the 188BET Ladies’ Raceday at Hereford – and on Sunday you can prod Peter Scudamore for his Cheltenham tips as he hosts a racing panel at Castle House in Hereford.

Although it’s technically not real sport – boxing fans should check out the hard-hitting fight film Journeyman at the Courtyard. It looks tough in exactly the way you’d expect from a British movie about boxing for a living. 


There’s loads of music on the go this weekend, whether you like it folky or funky.

The Fordsons’ promo pics look like and old-time jug band from Wyoming, they’re not, but they are good and they’re playing at De Koffie Pot on Saturday night. At the same time, the soaring rock of seven-piece Flight Brigade will be raising the roof at the Globe in Hay (if you like Arcade Fire, this is your jam).

There’s jazz/funk at De Koffie Pot getting your weekend off on a good, if unsyncopated note, on Thursday, courtesy of The Kogo Project, while the following night Free Music Fridays brings in fun-loving Footprints, who also have a little jazz/funk/latin to their grooves.

Do you like punk songs about cider? Check out Alvin & the Angry Barrels at Reet Petite (they were a force of nature at last year’s Beer on the Wye and play as part of a triple-header at the Leominster cafe/bar). How about some ska-flavoured hip-hop with a live band? The Boys In The Wood are tight with a capital T -  and they are bringing their basslines to the Crown at Lea on Saturday.

Maybe you sensibilities lean more towards the classical. If so, you have a world-renowned duo of performers at Hellens Manor, with Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider (violin) and Gamal Kharmis (piano) playing Schumann, Mozart and Brahms in a way you are unlikely to have ever hear before. There’s also the Spring Concert for the Hereford Chamber Choir at Trinity Church on Whitecross Road on Saturday evening.

*exhales* So there you go. There are also a number of local cover bands rocking out at a number of local pubs, but for this week we haven’t got the space to mention every four-piece playing ‘Going Underground’ - as great as that always is.

Have fun out there, you crazy kids.

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