Hot Lists Friday, April 20th , pictures by: Tile image by Herefordshire Live/ParamMirpuri

Your weekend essentials: live dance, DnB and inflatable races.

Hot Lists Friday, April 20th

Your weekend essentials: live dance, DnB and inflatable races.

Because you can't just sit in a beer garden for the next three days...

In lieu of our fully-loaded What’s On section – still enjoying an increasingly-long, Gap Yaaah-like hiatus (but soon to return) – here’s another essential guide of what’s happening this week/weekend in Herefordshire.

Apply suncream.


Dance & Stage

Two or three times a year Hereford-based - and internationally-renowned - dance company 2Faced Dance host a showcase at the Courtyard for dancers, poets and general badass performers from across the country looking for a stage to try out new pieces. It's on tonight. Treat it like a comedy club; there will be one act you don't like - but generally 2Faced are great at hand-picking original, fresh acts that bring some real (artistic) heat to the Courtyard's studio. 

On Saturday, another local cultural heavyweight - Ledbury Poetry Festival - is also taking over the stage at the Courtyard, this time for a Poetry Slam. Huge in France and the States, they're like competitive spoken word-offs. You can even get involved and drop a few lines yourself, as long as promise not to read Eminems first verse on Lose Yourself. Info here.



You've got to respect a solo acoustic artist who has the stones to call himself Lewis Clark & The Essentials. The second part, at least. The first bit's just his name. But he is good - and the Bristolian's taking over at De Koffie Pot for Live Music Fridays this week. At the Globe's 'Friday Live' this week, Bob Hillary brings his world-y, roots-y folk to Hay, which is a town that does seem to really enjoy that kind of thing. Actually tonight at the Globe, the embarassingly-talented Kizzy Crawford will be performing her soulful, multi-instrumentalist setlist for a good cause, a Welsh charity that supports young people. Get down there if you can.

Also tonight, Reet Petite in Leominster has full-blown Blues Night, complete with soul food, collared greens and the 'americana and greasy blues' of John Snocken.

On Saturday, Kongero are hear to prove wrong anyone who thought Swedish vocal harmony groups ended with ABBA. The female foursome's breathtaking vocals will be gracing Colwall Village Hall from 7.30pm.

Also on tour, legendary Soho jazz club - niiiiice - Ronnie Scott's has taken to taking the show on the road of late, and their 'Allstar' group of jazz maestros are at the Courtyard on Monday night.

Finally, there is also some top-notch, foot-stomping cover bands all over Hereford this weekend whether you like 90s/2000s retro classics (Call of the Kraken - Gordon Bennetts, Fri), super-tight, Daft Punk covers (The Edge - The Imperial, Sat) or just great Pub Rock band names (Sons of Yoda - The Plough, Sat).



It's going to be the kind of weekend you'll want to be outside for, which is good timing as Furlong Fury, the county's biggest inflatable obstacle race, is holding an open day for you have a practice (or just have a bounce around) their gear before the race in the summer. Celeb trainer Rob Edmond will be on hand to give out some tips. 

If you fancy the real thing, there's actually a similar obstacle race going on over at Chepstow this weekend. Or if biking's more your thing, there's the Cambrian Classic, leaving Leominster on Saturday morning.

Of course if you're more of an armchair sportman these days, settle in for some FA Cup football, Champions Cup rugby and finish it all off by going to Yates' to watch the Amir Kahn fight.



Darkshire are mixing things up for their fourth takeover at the Speakeasy in Hereford on Friday, with '4.20' being a multi-genre, floor-shaking celebration of all underground music. Lineup and info here. Saturday sees a return of HL-favouriteFirefly Funkwhile Hereford's only 80's bar - Rubix - pits the decades two biggest names against each other with a Madonna vs MJ musical face-off.



There's a How To Make A Pizza Oven workshop at Oakerwood on Saturday - which is basically the on-trend garden accessory for 2018 - and a Spring Foraging course in Ledbury to learn which herbs to pick to season your pizzas to perfection. 

One for the beer geeks out there - the Firefly is having a low key party tonight in honour of tapping a keg of Bloody 'ell, Beavertown's lauded Blood Orange brew. It's as good an excuse as any to go down and check out their new beer garden area.

The Drink and Draw club at De Koffie Pot also celebrates its 2nd birthday with drinking, drawing and nudity (models only) on Tuesday, which may be stretching the definition of 'Weekend' just a little.


From Friday, How The Light Gets In artist in residence - and just generally uber-cool artist - SnowSkull is exhibiting a retrospective collection at the Globe in Hay, while on Monday a surrealism show opens at the Poetry Bookshop in the town, shinng a light of the wonderful weirdness of some Welsh art and literature.

In Hereford, The Apple Gallery at the bottom of Aylestone Hill opens Emergence, a showcase for a number of local artists.


Shopping + Markets

Trekitt is holding an up to 75% off flash sale this weekend, if that's of any interest, and on Saturday Hereford Arts Market returns to High Town.

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