Music Tuesday, July 24th

5 Things You Need To Know About ITW headliners, the Mason Collective

Music Tuesday, July 24th

5 Things You Need To Know About ITW headliners, the Mason Collective

So it's that time of year when you hitch a ride to a unknown patch of land 10 minutes out of town for 12 hours of underground music under the stars.

Into The Woods II is bigger (this year there's a yoga class - seriously) and better (read more: Mason Collective, the). El Dorado founder Luke Wolfman joins a rolling lineup of house, tech house, disco, Kaleido, local stars, Mi Casa, Martin Winds and other button pushers out there getting bark in their Yeezys specifically for the purpose of making you dance.

The marquee names however are Blair Suarez, Mase Milo and Omar Guedar - or as they are better known, The Mason Collective. Here's what you need to know.


1. It’s pronounced Mason.


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The trio are known (/revered) for running the MVSON nights across Manchester since 2014. It’s a party so cool that, of course, there’s a letter flipped in the name.

Pronouncing it right is one thing, getting a ticket is another. Typically their takeovers sell out quicker than Soleros on an ice cream van. The reason? A reputation built on high energy music and high end installations, the kind of night that lives with you long after the lights come up.

It’s a curated principle best surmised by the trio as “no f**kery.”  – one Guedar Snr, himself a legendary club manager from his time running The Gallery in the 80s, would no doubt approve.


2. They are owning 2018.

Having been working on their sound in South Manchester studios for years, the wider world had only enjoyed glimpses and the odd vinyl release. That changed this year. Their Whippin’ EP hit #1 on Beatport at the end of January, their tracks have been getting play from some heavy hitters all summer in Ibiza and Danny Howard had them in for a chat on Radio One.

Still hometown heroes – the boys had a Sankey’s residency, and just ran a stage at Parklife – the textured percussion of their fast-but-not-too-fast sound has travelled far beyond the North West over the last seven months. And now they’ll be adding Hereford to the list.


3. Not all DJs spin in black tees.


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The trio look like ASOS models, if ASOS stocked limited edition streetwear and retro France football shirts. And they are leaning in to it, with a recent collab with the equally in-demand Manchester export, Gramm.. The result is a set of TMC five-a-side shirts fresh enough to get Pogba to join their team.

They told Data Transmission: “Its 100% part of our generation’s culture. We think music and fashion go hand in hand, we’re just doing us….we’re not like your typical black t-shirt wearing artists.”


4. You’ll love them if you like…

The Martinez Brothers. In terms of tempo, energy and groove you could draw a line from the Bronx duo to TMC. And the longtime DC10 residents have been among those to do the same, among the first big name DJs in the industry to sit up and take notice of their tracks.


5. Further listening.

For an accessible way in, check out their mix of Bipolar Sunshine’s Major Love (above), or for a flavour of them live, check out this full set from an event a few months ago with Kaluki.


*** Buy your tickets for Into The Woods on Eventbrite by clicking here. Do it now. Before you forget. Don't wait for your whole Whatsapp group to reply. Buy yours, and let Dave and Mandy sort themselves out. You will not want to miss this.***

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