Music Wednesday, March 16th

The Underground Revolution: Doing it yourself

The punk ethic of ‘doing it yourself’ is firmly behind a new music venture that will provide bands with their chance to stand in the spotlight.

Rich Lovell, the singer and guitarist with Terminal Rage, and Michelle Cuadra, the brains behind independent blog Hereford City Centric, are working together under the banner of The Underground Revolution to bring more music to the city.

Their agenda is “no cliques, no mainstream, just cool music played with passion” which sounds pretty amazing to us. IMG 9301

“It’s not-for-profit and we are doing it on a voluntary basis. I did my year as chair with (music promoter) Hereford Live and I decided I wanted to try something else,” said Rich.

“I am anxious to carry on putting gigs on because there is some real talent in Herefordshire and it just needs the opportunity to show what they can do.

“There is a conveyor belt of talent and it is very diverse.”

The punk ethos of just having a go, as well as the desire to promote young bands, is the raison d'etre behind The Underground Revolution.

“The whole thing is to have the experience of doing it and have a little go at living the dream. If it does not work out fine - at least they have had a go,” said Rich.

“We will try to put on some of the young bands to play live. Some of them won’t have had any experience of approaching venues to get a gig on.

“Having worked out how much fun it is to be on stage I want everybody else to try it. You don’t have to be particularly talented you just have to want to do it.”

Since launching The Underground Revolution Rich and Michelle have wasted no time getting things done.

They bought legendary punk poet Attila The Stockbroker to perform in Hereford and on March 17 at 8pm hardcore Bromyard band Teddy’s Leg, Pablo Alto (post-punk band from Ledbury), and A Hundred Suns (grunge band from Hereford) will be appearing at The Booth Hall.


Then March 25 (Good Friday) will see Michelle and Rich putting on three bands at The Victory in Hereford at 8pm.

Hereford bands Silverfield (punk rock/indie/grunge) and Bowels (punk, grunge) will take to the stage alongside Sad Blood (Power pop, indie rock, emo) who are coming up from London especially to play the gig.

Later in the year on May 28 there will be an all-day punk festival at The Booth Hall.

“We are trying to get across what punk was about and its DIY culture,” said Rich.

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