Music Tuesday, March 22nd

In the studio with Lonesome Stampede

We grabbed a word with folk/funk band Lonesome Stampede during their recording session at KJM Studios in Hereford and asked them a few quick questions:

Can you tell us who is in the band and what they play?

Joe Emmett - vocals, Andy Fryers - violin, Lizzie Keylock - vocals, Tavis Harvey - guitar, Owen Harris - drums, Owain Hopkins - bass.

Where are band members based?

Four in the Hay area, one in Builth, and one in Solihull.

What project are you working on in the studio?

Our first album - following our single 'Apology' and our EP 'Kindness is King'

When will the album be released?

Hopefully we can wrap it up by the summer.

Why did you choose KJM Studios?

Recommendation by Rob Parfitt who is one of our fans! Thought we would suit working here. 

Owen Harris in the recording booth at KJM Studios in Hereford adding some tambourine.

Which bands have influenced Lonesome Stampede?

A difficult one really, for me (Joe) it draws on upbeat Nick Cave, Traffic...anything that makes you dance really. Saying that one of our band members said Five Star but I think they were joking! 

I can hear quite a bit of early Belle and Sebastian in your recordings. Is that a flattering comparison to make?

Certainly the song 'The Boy With The Arab Strap', I'm away! I have friends in Liverpool and Bristol who go mad for that song. Maybe that careless and joyful dancing is what we strive for.

How long has the band been together?

In our current guise for a year really.

What gigs/festivals have you got lined up for the next few months?

Loads, well nine maybe. We aimed for small festivals this year, justifying something bigger next year. We are very excited. I can't wait for the Saturday evening slot at the National Forest Folk Festival (July 2) where we are on before Emily Ward!

With having six members of the band do you ever run out of space on stage?

Sometimes it's a squeeze but we all breathe in and I dance in the crowd!

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