Music Thursday, January 7th

Lucia Nicole sees 'The Bigger Picture' with launch of new EP

Wth a new EP about to be released and a performance at a top music industry event in London lined-up, the future looks bright for this Herefordshire pop prospect.

Lucia Nicole has the release of ‘The Bigger Picture’ to look forward to in February and is set to play an industry event in the capital that could lead to a link-up with a top music management company.

The show at 229 The Venue in Great Portland Street, London, offers the Hereford singer a great opportunity to take her career to the next level.

“I am headlining the event and there will be lots of producers and management there,” said the 25-year-old.

“I have got 30 minutes to impress. Management is the next step for me. This last year I have managed myself and it costs a lot of time and money.

“My passion is the music so I want someone for the management side of things.”

The EP will contain six songs with lyrics penned by herself.




“I like to write about emotions. One of the songs is called Tired of My Mind which is about over- thinking everything,” said Lucia Nicole.

In the past she has tackled the subject of anxiety.

“Just Stop was a song about my social anxiety that I had such positive feedback from,” said Lucia Nicole, who went to Kingstone High School.

“I want to sing about things that are meaningful to me.”


Lucia Nicole's video for her single Just Stop.

Lucia Nicole tells us that her school days were particularly tough but she found solace in singing.

“I was always quite anxious growing up and I was singing all through my childhood,” she says.

“Although I was nervous and anxious I found it was something I could do and it was an escape.

“I was always quiet at school but in the home I was completely different, so extroverted, I think it was probably when I reached adolescence that I became a bit introverted and I went into my shell.

“I had a karaoke machine in my bedroom and a little piano and my brother was always taking the mick out of me but there was never any malice in it. It was just a brother/sister thing.”

Nicole Lucia is organising a coach from Hereford to London for friends and family to travel to the gig at Great Portland Street.

But hopefully county fans won’t have to travel to the capital to catch her performing – there are plans for a gig at The Courtyard which has yet to be confirmed. We will be the first to let you know when it is!

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