Music Tuesday, January 12th

Musicians to watch in 2016

Music: Ones to watch 2016.

Right. We’ve been out and about for a few weeks now and we’ve seen quite a few Herefordshire bands. One thing is for sure - someone from the county will make it be very soon. It’s only a matter of time and our acts are already attracting attention from the Big Smoke.

Our message to that London is come up to Herefordshire and check out our musicians. Who knows you might discover the next big thing. Let’s face it we’ve already given the world Mott The Hoople, The Pretenders, and Ellie Goulding!


A Hundred Suns will please those that like their music loud.

Our top ten acts, in no particular order, are:

Lucia Nicole: Looks like making it big in the pop world. She will soon release her ‘The Bigger Picture’ EP and is playing a music industry event next month. What better place to meet a hotshot manager or producer? We’ve interviewed Lucia Nicole but we’ve not seen her play yet. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long as she is trying to set up a local gig asap.

Troy Redfern: Troy is signed to award winning European blues label Blues Boulevard Records. He’s an established figure on the European blues scene and has another album nearly ready for release this year. He told us that he thinks there’s a glass ceiling for blues performers but we will be keeping a very close eye on his career this year. 

Raptor: The band are on a mission to revive rock and roll. With a growing reputation expect to see Raptor play bigger venues this year and carry on building their fanbase in Bristol where guitarist Kurt Fletcher is studying.

Willow Robinson: After signing up to Alan McGee’s management company we expect big things from Willow this year. He has an amazing voice that somehow combines both power and softness. We've included a link to Willow's track 'My Burdened Mind' so you can judge for yourselves.

Bren Haze: It’s genuinely thrilling to see Bren launch into a solo. Sounds like a mixture of Slash and David Gilmour. Bren is putting together a band for live performances rather than playing solo and is also working with string quartet musicians. He will be recording a lot this year and writing. Bren has just released a song he wrote on the piano called "Like I've Never Known" which is available to listen to at . He is also writing a short film score for a film ‘demo reel’.

Bekki Cameron: Bekki has been hitting the gig scene hard as well as hosting the open mic nights at The Booth in Hereford. Having already released her first album, Bekki will be back in the studio in the next few months and is putting together a session band for live sets. She is also playing and acting as musical co-ordinator for the Gillow Cider Festival from June 17 to 19. This takes place in St.Owen’s Cross, near Ross-on-Wye.

A Hundred Suns: If you like your music loud Grunge band A Hundred Suns could be the ones for you. We caught them at The Victory late last year and were stunned by the in-your-face performance from lead signer Claire Perkins. She’s keen to hit the studio this year but we can see them making a real impact on the festival scene if that’s the way they want to take it.

Sweet Talk: We saw Sweet Talk play in Hereford last year. Guitarist Owen Whittall was so good Troy Redfern got him up on stage to jam during his set.

Natalie Holman: She performed at the Christmas Lights switch-on in Hereford to a big crowd alongside more established names so she can certainly claim her career is moving in the right direction.

Linerunners: The veteran band are going to be recording a new album this year and with a big pile of numbers ready to record. We can’t wait to see what they come up with.

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