Music Sunday, March 6th Words by: Mark Bowen

B se-lek tive: New electronic music residency to be launched at The Venue in Hereford

Music Sunday, March 6th

B se-lek tive: New electronic music residency to be launched at The Venue in Hereford

Electronic music has a special place in the heart of Herefordians - just ask anybody who went to May's Left Fest

Now building on that momentum a new monthly residency hosted by record label Se-lek will bring top names to the city as well as support local artists.

Dedicated to the underground the B Se-lek tive residency nights will be held at The Venue in Hereford, while Derry and London have also been selected to hold their own events.

The nights will be hosted by industry favourites such as Da General, Blue Amazon and artists like Oliver Lieb.

They will provide some of best House, Techno and Tech House from the modern era in an intimate clubbing environment, and showcase emerging talent and local artists.

We asked Hereford DJ Andy Artus, one of the DJs who appeared at Left Fest, about what Techno, House and Tech House fans can expect from the nights.

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Tell us about the new residency night. Where is this going to be held?

The new residency 'B Se-lek tive'  is going to be held on a Friday night once a month at Hereford's The Venue.

Tell us about the involvement of the record label involved.

'Se-lek' - is a new label that is creating a storm in the music industry. With just a couple of months in business it has grown to host residencies in underground cities such as London, Manchester, Derry with more coming soon.

The label has been releasing Techno productions from some of the best names around, established and new talent, having support by the likes of Carl Cox playing in the clubs.

Opening headliner and one of the Se-lek top men 'Dageneral' will be coming coming to headline a dedicated underground album to Hereford.

We are going to be bringing the best DJs from around the UK and afar to play every month giving Hereford a underground night to appreciate with first class music throughout and supported by all the finest local talent.

What sort of music will be played?

All forms of underground music will be appreciated at this night to provide something for everyone to enjoy from House, Techno, D&B, Breaks, all sounds underground.

Who will be DJing it?

The door has opened to bring some really exciting names back to Hereford. First we have Da General playing July 22. He's been charting in Beatport now for the last seven months with four number one and is an official artist for Roland.

We no doubt will see Blue Amazon back in town again after his thunderous set at Left Fest some point soon. Other names in the hat I dont want to reveal right now but some really exciting names, new and old, are on.

We will be bringing a guest DJ in every month to headline.

We hope people will come and show some support coming out enjoying the sounds and atmospheres the city has been denied for so long. This new residency is happening in a very large way nation wide. It's a very exciting project that myself and many more can't wait for start. 


The line-up for the first event to be held on July 22 is: In Room 2 are Minkey and Gaunt, Matt Envy, Andrew Bailey, and Jason Richards; and in Room 1 are Jason Richards, Alec and Dan Anderson, Mike Kaine, Adjei and Artus, and Dageneral. 

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