Music Friday, February 26th

Ones to watch: Nycosia

Grabbing the attention of the ultimate heavy metal bible is no mean feat.

And getting your music on the cover disc of Metal Hammer when you’re still at school or college does tend to jump out of you. 1

But that’s exactly what Nycosia, a Tech/Progressive/Djent band from Herefordshire, have done.

Their single ‘Miscommunication’ has been featured on Metal Hammer’s ‘New Noise II’ CD leaving the band ‘stoked’ and stating on Facebook that: “This is huge feat for us, and we still can't believe it.”

The band also have their debut EP 'Pariah' out now and have been playing gigs across the country at some pretty sizeable venues.

Definitely falling into the ‘ones to watch’ category we caught up with Nycosia and fired a few quick questions at them.

Ones to watch: Nycosia

Can you tell us who is in the band, what they play, and where they’re based?

Adam Barkley. Vocals. Monmouth

Noah Plant. Drums. Bringsty.

Theo Beech. Bass. Lydney.

Billy Kibble. Guitar. Ross-on-Wye.

Tell us about your new releases?

The single 'Miscommunication' was released on January 30th. It is available from our Bandcamp page and also on itunes, Amazon, Spotify etc. 

It is also on our YouTube channel  with an amazing lyric video from Very Metal Art.

The single is about the music industry and how people happily stab each other in the back and rip people off for their own selfish benefit.

The EP 'Pariah' was released on February 25. Available again through bandcamp, itunes etc and we also have physical copies.

The EP was officially released with a hometown gig at Hereford Arts College. We staged it at the college so that all our friends and family can attend and thank the college for allowing us to do this.

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Where did you record the single and how long did the sessions take?

All the recording was done at Keep Recording Studios in Raglan and was produced by Wavelength Records.

Which bands have influenced Nycosia?

Many and varied as we all listen to lots of music. This has helped us create our own sound.

What’s the meaning behind the name?

Now that would be telling.

What genre is your music?

It is a mix of Tech/Progressive/Djent ( if you call Djent a genre ) with heavy riffs and ambient melodies to create our own unique sound.

How long has the band been together?

The band underwent a complete transformation when Adam joined late June 2015.

What gigs/festivals have you got lined up for the next few weeks?

March 18th- The Cavern, Gloucester Massacre Fest BOTB.

March 24th --Lemon Factory, Swansea.

April 17th--The Exchange, Bristol.

Did you have problems getting gigs because of your young ages?

There are some places that we cannot gig but overall it has not been a huge problem for us.

How do you fit the gigging around your college/school work?

When you have a passion for something you make it fit. 


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