Music Wednesday, September 21st Words by: Mark Bowen

Hereford musician Ria Parfitt tells us about the werewolf in her new video and reforming Art Star

Music Wednesday, September 21st

Hereford musician Ria Parfitt tells us about the werewolf in her new video and reforming Art Star

A vampire and a werewolf pay a visit to a seaside town.

Not the plot of an esoteric horror b-movie, but the storyline for Hereford musician Ria Parfitt's new video, Postcard.

Made with Kidderminster-based director Tom Lee Rutter, the video takes inspiration from the weird and wonderful world of movies destined never to attract a mainstream audience. And Ria, former singer and songwriter with local band Artstar, says part of her is content to write new material and release the accompanying videos online. 

We caught up with her to find out more.

"The concept it is what would a vampire and a werewolf do if they went to the beach for the day.

"I got together with Tom Lee Rutter, who made my video Volcano last year, and we threw some ideas about. He’s brilliant because he gets quirky ideas and anything you give him, he will embrace it and take it that bit further. Because he’s a film maker he understands storytelling and this is a little bit like a silent film.

"I wanted it to be tongue in cheek. We brainstormed silly little things; we thought about getting hold of a hearse, having us drive up to the beach and maybe Kurt (Fletcher, of Leominster-based Raptor), who plays the werewolf, having his head hanging out of the window with his hair flapping around in the breeze.


"To record the video we went down to Tenby for the beach, and then to Lyde Court in Hereford.

"Originally my suggestion was to go to Weston because some of the lyrics reference the grand pier there but Megan Dugmore, who did our make-up, said we'd probably end up sinking in the sand... 

"We thought 'We will go and we will just improvise'. We built a big gothic sandcastle, we bought a big fake bone from the joke shop in Hereford."


"The song is about the relationship between two people. It’s almost a break-up song. It's about not really saying goodbye but having hope for the future.

"I was living in Bristol and the person I was with at the time was back here (Hereford) so it seemed like we were kind of having a break. It was ‘I’ll send you a postcard’ sort of thing and maybe you will do the same."


"As for the band, initially we thought 'Let's just reform Artstar'.

"That's kind of what happened but we have a new bass player and a drummer. But once you are in the room together, things change and it felt right, because we had done Artstar a few years ago with different people, to change the name.

"So Artstar is no more. We are called Mexicola. We will probably end up using a few old songs but the ones in keeping with where we are going now."

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