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Preview: Troy Redfern to play Peace event

Troy Redfern has got the blues but his career is certainly heading in the right direction.
This year the Kington bluesman, who plays The Victory in Hereford on Saturday night as part of the 'Give Peace A Chance' event, has not only released his album ‘Backdoor Hoodoo’ on Blues Boulevard records, he has another one on the way as part of a three album deal.
‘Backdoor Hoodoo’ was a collection of songs that already existed which were quickly issued as his record company was so keen to get a release together.
“They said the sooner we could put an album out the better it was,” said 41-year-old Troy.
“There was no pressure with the first batch of songs as I thought no-one would hear them.”

Backdoor Hoodoo has been particularly popular in Germany.
“The blues and rock scene has always been big out there and it’s a bigger market than over here,” said Troy.
“I have sold plenty of albums at gigs myself and it’s been doing well on Amazon.”
This year has also seen three concerts in Norway after a link-up with Sandi Thom’s agent.
Troy describes these as 'great gigs' that saw him and his band (bass player Stuart McDonald and drummer Alex Bridge) travel in style.
“They flew us out there. It was a proper job,” said Troy. 
Troy began playing the guitar at the age of 12 after watching Back To The Future with its infamous over-the-top Johnny B Goode scene.
He started writing his own material around the age of 14 and acquired a four track when he was 16.
As Troy's playing developed he began exploring open tunings and was soon turned on to the slide guitar of Son House and Hound Dog Taylor, as well as the works of Zappa and Beefheart. 
He spent much of his musical formative years playing, writing and performing with Ten Years After’s Joe Gooch with both being from Kington.
In 2008 Troy put together his own studio and began exploring production, writing everything from straight ahead blues, to avant garde and progressive roots. Out of this material came the two digital albums ‘Werewolf Etiquette’ and ‘Playing with fire’.
Early in 2013, Troy decided to put together a band under his own name to play newly written songs.
He now lives just off the rural idyll of Hergest Ridge where his studio is based.
“It’s a trade-off. It’s not going to be as good as a bigger studio but you can take longer and tweak your music,” said Troy, who says he was fed-up of rushing into studios.
He has just completed a major tour of the UK and describes his style as high octane blues rock.
“High energy is what we try to achieve,” said Troy.
Music fans can judge for themselves this Saturday when the Troy Redfern Band performs at The Victory in Hereford. 
The evening of music, which will respond to recent tragic worldwide events, runs from 7pm to midnight and asks “what’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?”
Also on the bill are Willow Robinson, A Hundred Suns, Terminal Rage, and Sweet Talk.
All profits will be donated to Greenpeace and Hope Not Hate. Tickets are £4 on the door. 

Between The Eyes - Troy Redfern

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