Music Monday, September 12th Words by: Gavin Brown, pictures by: Nick Vidal-Hall

Review: 5 things we loved about the Punky Reggae Party in Hereford

Music Monday, September 12th

Review: 5 things we loved about the Punky Reggae Party in Hereford

Here are five things we absolutely loved about Hereford's recent Punky Reggae Party.

The night featured live music from The Ramonas, The Irascibles and Reggae Pie DJs at The Booth Hall, and the party was hosted by The Underground Revolution and The Wild Hare Club

The Ramonas brought the spirit of CBGBs and New York punk to The Booth.

From the opening One!Two!Three!Four! and blasting straight into 'Teenage Lobotomy', The Ramonas brought the furious energy of punk to Hereford with a show that the much missed bruddas from Forest Hills, Queens, would have loved.

The band never stopped during their magnificent set with all four members paying tribute to one of the best to ever do it, not just in punk but music in general. Classics such as 'Rockaway Beach', 'Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue', 'We're A Happy Family' and 'Sheena Is A Punk Rocker' were blasted out with an infectious energy to a rapturous response from the packed crowd.

Mass singalongs to 'Blitzkrieg Bop', '53rd & 3rd' and 'I Wanna Be Sedated' were highlights of the set, as were airings of lesser played songs like 'Somebody Put Something In My Drink' and a cover of Motorhead's 'R.A.M.O.N.E.S'.

Nice touches such as singer Cloey Ramone wielding a baseball bat while singing 'Beat On The Brat', bassist Pee Pee Ramone channeling her inner Dee Dee with her stance throughout, and an appearance from a Gabba Gabba Hey sign wielding Pinhead ensured this was a performance not to be forgotten.

While the Ramones are sadly gone, the Ramonas are doing a fine job of keeping their spirit and the spirit of punk alive.

Punky5The Irascibles wowed with their brand of blues infused rockabilly.

Bluesabilly trio The Irascibles brought some variation to the night and while they might not be punk or indeed reggae, their upbeat sound was a definite delight to listen to and a highlight too.

There were definite hints of Talking Heads to the band and they definitely made an impression on the crowd at The Booth in the best way possible. The band's jerky rhythms and catchy songs such as highlight of the set 'The City' caught the attention of the crowd and their performance was a triumph.

Punky3Reggae Pie brought the bass weight.

Just like Don Letts used to do at London's legendary Roxy Club, the Reggae Pie selectors pumped out the finest dub and reggae cuts before, in between and after the bands demonstrating that punk and reggae were kindred spirits, something the whole night exemplified.

A lovely touch was the dedication to the recently departed king of Jamaican music Prince Buster followed by playing 'The Prince' by Madness. All the deep basslines that went on all night were a joy to hear and suited the occasion perfectly. 


The atmosphere at the venue was incredible.

With the music pumping out, the crowd went for it in a big way with their enthusiasm with many showing off their unique dance moves mixed in with some traditional punk rock pogoing (to the Ramonas of course) and the vibe was definitely good natured.

There was a celebratory vibe throughout the night with everyone leaving with a big smile on their face, happy in the fact that they had all had a top night out.

Punky8It was a celebration of independent culture.

From the stalls selling local merch to the friendly and inviting atmosphere from all involved, the event felt, in true punk spirit like a gathering of the like minded tribes.

The Underground Revolution and Wild Hare Club did a great job of hosting such a fantastic night and here's hoping it won't be long until the next one. 



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With thanks to Nick Vidal-Hall of The Booth Hall for the above photographs.

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