Music Monday, November 30th Words by: Mark Bowen, pictures by: Mark Bowen

Review: Raptor come to the rescue of rock'n'roll

Music Monday, November 30th

Review: Raptor come to the rescue of rock'n'roll

Seventies rock has a place close to the heart of many a music lover.

To hear it played with precision and vigour in an intimate environment can get the blood coursing through your veins that little bit quicker.

To see to it performed by Raptor at close quarters at The Victory in Hereford on a Saturday night was certainly a thrill.

Musically the Leominster band are as tight as you can get but it is their sheer power and energy that will propel their career forward.

Tackling Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin numbers convincingly is no easy task but judging from the audience reaction this does not represent a problem for the young three piece led by singer and guitarist Kurt Fletcher and his younger brother Adam on drums.

They were not even thrown off course by Adam breaking a snare skin early in the set. Such a mishap was easily thrown aside with humour and an improvised solo by Kurt.

The band were superbly supported by singer/songwriters Bren Haze and Bekki Cameron at the event organised by Porkbelly Promotions.

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