Music Sunday, January 3rd

Raptor: Sibling rivalry? 'We don't have fist fights!'

Sibling rivalry has long been to the detriment of many a band.

It’s pretty easy to reel off a list of acts adversely affected by a lack of brotherly love.

But for Leominster based Raptor having two brothers in the same band seems to be a distinct advantage.

20-year-old Kurt and 18-year-old Adam Fletcher have played together since childhood. On stage they know exactly what the other is going to do and they even write songs together.

“We got given our instruments at the same time. I was seven and Kurt was nine. I got a drum kit and Kurt got a guitar,” said Adam.

Kurt added: “One day we played Smoke On The Water all day. We were just jamming and messing about.

“We have now been playing for longer than we have not.

“We have been playing for so long we know exactly what the other is going to do.

“Instead of arguing about stupid things like the name of a song, we just think about what is best for the band. There is no point fighting.”

Adam responds: “We don’t have fist fights - we have not even been close to it. We don’t see being brothers as a disadvantage. We think it is a good thing.”


Kurt is studying at the British and Irish Institute of Modern Music in Bristol and Adam is hoping to follow suit. Their interest in music was inspired by their father’s record collection.

“Dad has got thousands of records. We would play anything but mainly stuff from the sixties and seventies,” said Kurt.

“Pink Floyd were on the stereo, along with Zappa and Cream. Dark Side Of The Moon amazes me how timeless it is.

“Dad gave me (Black Sabbath’s) Paranoid on cassette and the first time I heard Iron Man it was ‘this is it’. It still has the same effect.”

I ask Kurt who his favourite guitarist is and his answer is surprising.

“I don’t like guitar players. I prefer drummers,” he says, “and my favourite drummer is Keith Moon. The drums, for me, is the centre of the band.”

Brother Adam is a Ginger Baker fan with Keith Moon a close second.

“For me Cream are a very underrated band with their rhythm section of Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker,” said Adam

The band take a DIY approach to equipment with Adam playing a self-assembled drum kit.

“I’ve got a 1970’s drum kit made from bits I’ve bought off eBay,” said Adam. “They are the same brand of drums but different colours.

“Nobody else in the World has got the same drum kit as I have got.”

Kurt adds: “We have been brought up with the idea that if you earn the money and you pay for stuff yourself you appreciate it more.

“I like anyone that is really genuine. You can tell if someone is putting it on or doing it because they love doing it.”

I ask the band what the future holds for them.

“We are looking to support some slightly bigger names,” said Kurt.

“As each day goes by we are meeting more and more people and slowly branching out.”

Adam then says they want their set to be more originals than covers to which Kurt responds: “We try to balance it out and play songs we want people to hear.”

Raptor, who perform with bassist Elliot Teague, include five originals in their set with all the songs featured on their debut EP release included.

The EP is rammed with riffs, Adam’s Ginger Baker-esque fills, and you can certainly hear the Black Sabbath influence.

Such is the quality of their songs that those not schooled in the history of rock would find it difficult to distinguish their originals from the covers if they went to see the band play live.

“We have nine more songs on the go,” said Kurt. “We are looking to record at the start of next year to release an album next summer.”

Adam adds: “Two or three of the songs on the EP came from writing the drum bit first. There is no formula to song writing and I don’t think there ever will be.”

Kurt responds: “Sometimes I will have a little riff and show it to Adam and that is when the song is written.

“I write the lyrics but a lot of the time the ideas will be about something Adam has said.”

Adam adds: “I don’t think we could write songs alone.”

Raptor are due to play with The Troy Redfern Band at The Booth Hall in Hereford on January 22.

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