Music Thursday, September 29th Words by: Mark Bowen, pictures by: Mark Bowen

Red Room Therapy: "It's like throwing all kinds of rock'n'roll in a blender"

Music Thursday, September 29th

Red Room Therapy: "It's like throwing all kinds of rock'n'roll in a blender"

Alternative rock band Red Room Therapy are regulars on the Herefordshire live circuit having become renowned for their captivating performances and quality songwriting. Formed at the end of 2010, the band have spent their time gigging relentlessly around the U.K. They recorded their début EP at Sonic One Studios, which was then mastered at the Abbey Road Studios. They released their debut album 'All in the Mind' at the end of 2014 and this year has been another busy one with the band appearing at Lakefest, on the same bill as Primal Scream and We Are Scientists. 

Can you tell me the names of your members, what you play, and where you are from?

Osh Jones is the singer/guitarist alongside drummer Jordon Robinson. All songs are written and recorded by Osh and Jordon in the studio. Lewis Morgan is our bassman when we're on tour. We're a Welsh band with a hint of Herefordian. 

You are regulars on the Hereford music circuit. Is this because your drummer is from Hereford?

Pretty much. Jordon lived in Wales for a few years, which is when we started the band. When he moved back to his hometown of Hereford we started spending some time there and building up a fanbase. It's reaching the point where we have almost as many fans in Herefordshire as we have in South Wales.

IMG 5229

You were played on Radio 1. What were the circumstances around this?

We were featured on Radio 1 as part of the BBC Introducing programme. There is no doubt in our minds that it makes a huge difference that we've got so much support from the underground movement. As part of the alternative music scene we are very grateful for the support we get from fans, promoters and radio folk. Basically people who care.

What was your reaction when you heard yourself on national radio?

Believe it or not we had no idea it even happened - our friend told us the next day! Naturally we were over the moon when we heard, but to be honest it's always been the aim and we're far from done yet. 

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You’ve recently played Lakefest. How did this go?

Lakefest was amazing. We were thrilled to be put on the bill alongside some wonderful artists like Primal Scream and We Are Scientists and had a great time performing at such an awesome festival.

For those that have not heard you yet describe your sound.

It's like throwing all kinds of rock'n'roll in a blender. Hopefully not the sound of the blender though.

IMG 5439 Red Room Therapy were on the same bill as Primal Scream at Lakefest.  

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