Music Friday, May 6th Words by: Gavin Brown, pictures by: Booth Hall

Review: Club Dead 3 at The Booth Hall, Hereford

Music Friday, May 6th

Review: Club Dead 3 at The Booth Hall, Hereford

It is with great anticipation that we attended the third instalment of Club Dead in the brilliant setting of the Booth Hall.

Having heard nothing but positive reviews about the previous two, knowing what a great venue the Booth is and two eagerly anticipated bands to see in Black Asteroids and Black Boxes, we knew we were in for a good night.

Club Dead comes as a welcome relief to establishments playing the same watered down music week after week. It is not only the antithesis of mass friendly chart fodder but the antidote to it as well; the night's tagline is 'Don't come, you won't like it' for a reason.

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Thankfully people do like it, and there was more than a healthy turnout on May 6 - most of them fans of music sitting at the heavier, more obscure and downright bizarre end of the spectrum.

Entering the venue to the classic metal of Celtic Frosts Into The Crypt Of Rays is one hell of a way to start the night, and it continued in this vein with classic doom, stoner rock, goth and punk blasting over the PA courtesy of the inimitable DJ Dead.

With classic horror films such as The Invisible Man and The Old Dark House playing on a big screen upstairs and live bands downstairs as well as the DJ, Club Dead is catering for an alternative culture. It's also well run, with a great atmosphere.

Black Asteroids kicked off the live portion of the night and impressed with their Kyuss-esque instrumental jams, full of thunderous rhythms and crashing drums.

Like Hereford heroes Skinhorse, the band consist of just a drummer and a bassist. The duo cranked out a number of pummelling tracks to the delight of the crowd and their heavy grooves had enough variation to keep everyone enthralled.  


Last night was insane.

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They finished their set in unexpected fashion and a surreal piece of music on xylophones. Decidedly creepy, but it ended things in a fitting fashion.

The music continued between live acts and was varied and with some pleasant surprises. Where else are you going to hear 1000 Homo DJs version of Supernaut on a Friday night in Hereford?

New band Black Boxes features members from both Plane Crasher and Skinhorse. Coming on at 100mph and barely stopping throughout, their brand of heavier punk hit the spot and the audience was left gasping for breath. It was a storm of passion and intensity and the band even threw in a Plane Crasher 'cover' to the delight of the hometown crowd.

After the live music, the strains of Through Silver In Blood by Neurosis cranked up and heavy jams continued til the night came to an end. 

Review by Gavin Brown.

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Redditch-based Black Asteroids are Simon Donovan and Chris Allen /

Club Dead was the first hometown gig for Hereford's Black Boxes /

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