Music Wednesday, December 9th

Review: Linerunners at The Barrels

Within a few bars of their set at the Barrels in Hereford it becomes apparent that Linerunners are all about light and shade.
Their light comes from Lotty Millward-Brookes and its shade (and sometimes darkness) is supplied in abundance by co-frontman Toby Armitage.
The band’s frontline works like a high contrast photo – with Lotty’s highlights cranked up to the max but Toby’s shadows delivered as dark as possible.
Lotty has a smooth and sweet voice, while Toby has a dark Doomsday growl that suggests something menacing is stirring.
Together their combination brings both apocalyptic melodrama with the promise of sunshine and longer days sometime in the future.
Nick Betts provides Peter Hook style bass lines (a very good thing), while guitarist Steve Davies is an energetic and inventive player.
I particularly enjoyed his work on ‘Passerby’ which also showcases the rhythmic skills of drummer Phil Davies.
Another highlight for me was the band’s mash-up of Joy Division’s New Dawn Fades and Love Don’t Live Here anymore by Rose Royce.
Here Toby took the lead on the former and Lotty on the latter. It’s a combination that really shouldn’t work but it did - brilliantly.
The band finished the Hereford Live event with No Secret featuring Lottie playing additional drums up front. It strongly suggests the importance of both Joy Division and Nick Cave as influences to the band.
The only disappointment for me was that they did not play their stunningly sombre ‘Theme For A Journey’ but we’ve included it here for your enjoyment.

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