Music Wednesday, April 13th Words by: Mark Bowen, pictures by: Mark Bowen

Review: Lucia Nicole live at The Venue, Hereford

Music Wednesday, April 13th

Review: Lucia Nicole live at The Venue, Hereford

Pop music need not necessarily be a frivolous throwaway affair.

Recent years have seen far too much of the ‘oooo baby, baby’ variety – unchallenging, clichéd, and totally forgettable. IMG 2399

But it is possible to introduce intelligent and serious themes to mainstream music without reducing its ability to make you want to move and do your thing on the dance floor.

Granted it’s not an easy thing to do but it is achievable in the hands of a skilled operator.

Lucia Nicole’s set at The Venue in Hereford, performed with a live band to launch her ‘The Bigger Picture’ EP, not only showcased her pitch perfect voice but also demonstrated her ability as a songwriter.

‘Tired of My Mind’, performed solo on the keyboard, tackles confronting personal demons and the downside of having an over-active and analytical mind.

While ‘Just Stop’ talks of fighting to survive and the need to look at the bigger picture (giving the EP its name).

A true performer thinks of the visuals as well as the sound. ‘You Don’t Know Me’ sees Lucia Nicole pounding an extra drum at the front of the stage. This gives an uplifting pop song an additional and welcome edge in the live environment.

‘Shutting the Door’ is a pleasant enough danceable pop, while ‘Feels Like Love’ definitely sounds like a hit record.

‘It’s Over’ deals with the end of a love affair while ‘Unbreakable’ is so new it’s not even on the EP – a sure sign that Lucia Nicole is writing all the time.

And it’s the writing with catchy melodies and considered lyrics, as well as her ability on the keyboards, that distinguishes her from the crowd of wannabes lining up on The X-Factor.

IMG 2382

At the back of her mind Lucia Nicole must be thinking about of the success Ellie Goulding has achieved after launching her career in her home county of Herefordshire.

Success in the music industry is a bit like playing roulette. There is a lot of luck predicting where that wheel will stop but Lucia Nicole has everything set up to embark on the road to stardom.

Her performance at an industry event in London attended by hotshot producers and managers suggests she’s within touching distance of that big breakthrough.

Would I bet on her launching a successful assault on the charts? Well, I wouldn’t feel uneasy placing a sizeable wager on that aforementioned roulette wheel.  

Support was provided by Melissa Bel, Joe Disson and the Charlton Kings, and The Attix.

'The Bigger Picture' EP is available on iTunes here

The lyric video for 'Tired of My Mind'.

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