Music Tuesday, December 8th

Roll up, roll up… the Booth Hall is back

A brother and sister business partner double act sees the old Hereford pub open up partly as a circus.
Arran and Willow Vidal-Hall say they’ll have the Booth, off East Street, open again as soon as next week.
Circus style acts are just part of the offer.
Willow is aiming high to pitch the potential for trapeze and rope acts.
An aerial artiste herself - having studied at the Bristol based Circomedia circus school – Willow believes the Booth’s high ceiling and sturdy internal wooden beams can support such shows.

Arran and Willow Vidal-Hall will have the Booth, off East Street, open again as soon as next week.

“We are lucky here because we have several levels which is ideal for aerial performances and we can put shows on upstairs,” she said.
But the pair also see scope for the Booth to be a long overdue addition to the city’s live venue offer – a space for both bands and theatre.
“This pub has been closed on and off for a few years because of the fire,” said Arran, who does not perform himself.
“But we fell in love with the place and want to mix things up a bit.
“We want this to be a place where people can have a drink and also look over and see what is happening so it’s a fusion between a pub and an artists’ space.
“We are really excited by it. It could be a dream space where people come in and are amazed by what is going on.
“This is without doubt the biggest project we have taken on.”
Arran and Willow intend to offer rehearsal and performance space for free so musicans, acrobats, and actors can create work.
Sound equipment is set for musicians, alongside rigging and lighting.
Acts are invited to contact Arran or Willow by emailing or by calling 07920843391. 
Together, they are looking to have the Booth back open again by Friday December 18.

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