Music Wednesday, March 30th Words by: Adam Knight, pictures by: Adam Knight

Spotlight on latest El Dorado headliner: Kano

Music Wednesday, March 30th

Spotlight on latest El Dorado headliner: Kano


 In a ten-minute tour of the manor that made him, Kano tells a tale of huddled teenagers in a top-floor East Ham bedroom, of him and Ghetts on pirate radio, making mistakes behind closed doors and of today’s young acts, plucked from obscurity and placed on the main stage at Wireless only to have those same mistakes scrutinised.

“They haven’t learned the art of performance yet. And they’re making their mistakes on a main stage, while we got to make our mistakes in someone’s kitchen.”

Announced last week that he would be headlining El Dorado, everything around the MC's latest moment has been about looking back and looking around him. One eye on the stages and one on those kitchens.

And if he’d learned the art of the performance 10 years ago, the MC who is set to tread the boards at the Eastnor festival in July has since become a master.


"In 30 years’ time I’m sure I could listen to one of my CD’s and remember those moments."

At 30 he’s taken a UK rap album to the Top 10 - 3rd in online sales and top spot in R'n'B. Skepta, who is off conquering America with Shutdown, made it to 39.

Three weeks ago he seized the heavyweight belt on 1xtra’s freestyle heat check - Fire In The Booth - rippling over J Dilla through eight breathless minutes while he shadow boxed the mic. Then, last night, he took his soulful delivery to 6Music with a cover of The Street’s ‘Has It Come to This?’ accompanied with nothing but a piano and a presence.

If none of that makes sense, you’ve got four months to train you ears to some East London beats, stories of family and bottles and German whips.

And below is your Kano starter kit.

For more information on El Dorado - or any festivals happening in the county this summer - click here.

Kane Robinson’s attempt to break the internet two weeks ago, from Fire In The Booth:


The Made In The Manor documentary:


Horns, soul and ‘where Reggie Cray got rich…”, from 2016’s Made In The Manor, ‘This Is England’:


A nod to the early days, ‘P’s and Q’s’ from Home Sweet Home:


A clip from season 2 of Top Boy (full eps available on All 4):


And the full Made In The Manor album on Spotify:



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