Music Tuesday, December 20th Words by: Mark Bowen, pictures by: Mark Bowen

The Youth Within: Herefordshire's 21st Century punks

Music Tuesday, December 20th

The Youth Within: Herefordshire's 21st Century punks

The Youth Within like nothing better than 'gettin' in ya face' with loud, old school style punk. 

The band from Ledbury have already established themselves on the alternative/punk circuit having played at the Rebellion Festival earlier this year. 

For the first time in its 20 year history the festival was completely sold out with around 10,000 punks descending upon Blackpool for musical anarchy.

This saw The Youth Within being on the same bill as the likes of The Exploited, The Damned, Buzzcocks, UK Subs, and Stiff Little Fingers. 

Warning: Clicking on any of the music links on this page could lead to you being exposed to some sweary, potty-mouthed, bad language. If easily offended please give it a miss. 

And the good news is they will be back at Rebellion next year having helped Hereford mark 40 years of punk at the 'Crisis of Conscience' festival in Hereford in the summer.

Punk may be four decades old but that doesn't mean the genre is simply a nostalgia-fest.

Young punks bands, like The Youth Within, are coming through stamping their own identity on punk and dreaming up ace new songs to allow the pogoing to continue.

Who said punk is dead?

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Can you introduce us to the band members and what they play?  

Steve. Vocals and bass.

Benji. Vocals and guitar. 

Matt. Drums.

Being young lads how did you get into punk?  

Steve: I got into it from Matt. When we was younger, being up in his flat drinking and listening to loads of his and his dad's old CDs.       

Matt : I got into it through my dad. 

Benji : I just started listening to Misfits and got into listening to other bands. 

Is it true that you are already booked to play next year’s Rebellion Festival?

Steve : Yes, already booked. Day and stage will be announced closer to the time. 

Benji : Yeeeees! Woop Woop!  

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You played there this year. What was it like playing the largest independent punk/alternative festival in the world?

Steve : It was a great experience being apart of it! Plus it being the 40th anniversary - it made it that much more special.  

Benji and Matt : Was awesome fun.

Is there much of an alternative scene in Ledbury? 

Steve and Ben : No not very much. Mostly folk music.

Do any of the band like music other than punk? If so what?

Matt : Metal. Metallica, Slayer, Pantera, Parkway Drive, Any Given Day, In Flames.

Steve : Bit of stoner/rock. Such as Kyuss, Red Fang, Orange Goblin, Melvins.

IMG 6697

What is your song ‘The Only Way of Essex’ about?

Steve and Benji: It's basically about the programme and how shit it is. It was one of our very first songs we wrote. Bit of a piss take about the show really.

What's the story behind your song 'Cocaine’?

Steve : It was about a story I read in the news and how there was cocaine found in the toilets at the Houses of Parliament.

Who are your punk heroes?

Steve : If I had to pick, got to be The Ruts, GBH, Uk Subs, Exploited. 

What made you want to cover Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues?

Benji : It's easy and real fun song to play. 

Matt : Yeah something different and fun.

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Do you like any other Herefordshire based bands?

Benji and Steve : Terminal Rage, Planecrasher ( before they finished), Skinhorse. 

Matt : Black Boxes is next band i want to see. 

You played the Crisis of Conscience punk festival in Hereford that celebrated 40 years of punk. How did that one go?

Benji : Went very well, considering we had new songs.

Steve : Yeah was a great night altogether, great bands involved. For a great cause.

Matt : It was awesome!

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