Music Tuesday, January 19th

Tim Manning at the Left Bank, Hereford

The last time I went to the top room at De Koffee Pot at The Left Bank in Hereford it was to photograph a yoga session.

Given the functional use of the venue on that occasion it is hardly one I associated with any sort of sophisticated nocturnal entertainment.

Massive credit then to Richard Page of The Wild Hare Club who succeeded in transforming it into an atmospheric auditorium beautifully lit by candlelight.

It provided an apt setting for Newport folk musician Tim Manning who performed his own songs and a handful of well selected covers with just his acoustic guitar.

His interpretation of Neil Young’s ‘Comes a Time’ saw me reaching for the original the next day which is surely the sign of a good cover version.

Other covers came from Ryan Adams (including an entertaining anecdote about how some audiences confuse him with Canadian rocker Bryan), Bruce Springsteen (Reason to Believe) and Credence Clearwater Revival.

Tim Manning performs Neil Young's 'Comes a Time' at the Left Bank in Hereford.

Tim, who also plays with the band Blind River Scare, told how memories such as walking up railway lines in Newport inspired songs such as ‘The Straight and True’.

And it takes genuine song writing talent to turn a mishap, such as a wheel falling off his car, into a song such as ‘Mother’s Day’.

“I nearly killed the family but I got a song out of it,” Tim told the audience.

Richard says he only books acts that appeal to him and on this evidence of Tim Manning you can certainly trust his judgement.

Richard has a big night planned for Saturday February 27 when the Wild Hare Club hosts The Incredibly Strange Film Band at Lyde Court.

The band rarely performs but they will be bringing a selection of the funkiest film and TV themes cherry-picked from the 1960s to the present day.

Tickets are £25 each and are available from The Courtyard box office on 01432 340555 from January 26.

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