Music Sunday, June 12th Words by: Mark Bowen, pictures by: Mark Bowen

Top moments from the Mott the Hoople Convention

Music Sunday, June 12th

Top moments from the Mott the Hoople Convention

Stepping back through the mists of time we discovered ourselves in a land called 'The Seventies'. Here we found the Mott the Hoople Convention at the Richmond Place Club in Hereford and this is why we loved the event. 

Ariel Bender

The farewell performance from the one and only Ariel Bender, aka Luther Grosvenor. After putting on an exhilarating performance Luther announced his retirement live on stage. After the show he told me the time was right to quit - that didn't stop the offers of gigs coming his way though.

IMG 3492

The outfits

This couple came all the way from...Watford to support childhood friend Luther Grosvenor. Great glam rock outfits that reflected Mott's peak period.

IMG 3393

A touching tribute

Terminal Rage drummer Bob Griffin is the brother of the late Mott the Hoople drummer Dale 'Buffin' Griffin. A clearly emotional Bob took to the front of the stage to pay tribute to the two biggest influences in his life -his brother Dale and David Bowie. Both died within a week of each other and Bob stepped into the spotlight to sing Bowie's Starman. 

IMG 3418


Talking about starmen there was another one on stage to bring back a touch of the glam rock era - Savs the lead singer and guitarist with tribute band Wott The Hoople. Thankfully no eight inch heels were on display.

IMG 3480

Remembering Buffin

As mentioned above the convention was an emotional affair because of the recent loss of Buffin. He had battled Alzheimer's for a long time and the convention raised money for the Alzeheimer's Society. An auction was held that saw a pair of Ian Hunter's sunglasses go for a whopping £350.

IMG 3453

Fan photos

We saw orginal lead singer Stan Tippins signing autographs and fans getting photos taken with former members Luther Grosvenor and Mick Bolton. Everybody say cheese now. 

IMG 3496

Mick Bolton

Mick Bolton was the first ex-member of Mott the Hoople to take to the stage. He played a couple of his own tracks and told the audience he had been given a songwriting contract with the band shortly before he left.

IMG 3448


Punk at a Mott the Hoople convention might not seem like a natural fit but  the performance of Terminal Rage worked wonderfully well and went down a storm too.

IMG 3406


There were more photographers present than at a paparazzi convention. Just shows the deep affection their fans have for the band. 

IMG 3469


Blistering blues from Herefordshire's own Troy Redfern. This was high-intensity, high-energy material from a performer who never fails to impress. 

IMG 3497


There were band t-shirts everywhere you looked. This one is modelled by Les, who runs the Richmond Place Club in Hereford. Les is posing complete with a banana.  

IMG 3391

Lack of shyness

Normally people shy away from the camera but these two gents insisted I take their photo. Happy to oblige gents.

IMG 3394


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