Music Friday, March 9th , pictures by: Herefordshire Live/Billy Seeberg/Discotek

Why I Love... House music (and you should to)

Music Friday, March 9th

Why I Love... House music (and you should to)

So house already took over the world once. Now, without doubt, it’s doing it again.

If the strictly-enforced ‘no trainers’ policy and the almost-empty bottle of Joop in the men’s bathroom are anything to go by, provincial nightclubs have well-earned reputation of being the last to the party when it comes to youth culture trends.

Which is all kinds of ironic, seeing as – like Discotek’s Ross Powl says – clubs are basically the last remaining place groups of young people gather in any numbers, or with any regularity. We love provincial clubs. We will continue to take mass at their VK-soaked alters for as long as there is an England.

But what if young people started asking a bit more from their local clubs when it came to the music?

Technology has birthed a generation of Macbook producers. Warehouse raves are once again alive and well, and big-city clubs stay open until the sparrows sing. Thousands of young people flock south for the summer to the Mediterranean mega clubs and the rockstar DJs heading up thousands of San Antonion flyers.

So why then, are we content to dance away our Saturdays to the middle-aged playlists of glorified wedding DJs?   

If it’s a question that’s been asked, it’s also one that’s been answered to some extent, in Hereford.

This year, Play has thrown the keys to up-and-coming DJs with increasing freedom to take over their venue for the night.

There have been D&B pop-ups, house nights, and this Friday Discotek are running Play 54 for the night, with their expanding stable of DJs playing everything from the disco end of the house spectrum to the tech end.


If house music has developed an unfair reputation of exclusivity – of mile-long queues of black t-shirts outside Berlin nightclubs, of smoking areas chats about deep cuts and BPM, as well as the similarly unfair connotations associated with water bottle sales at house nights – it is arguably the single most accessible form of music there is.

Its power is instantaneous and unquestioning. It is simple in the best possible way. It’s the reason why club culture is the thread that ties together a history that includes subcultures the world over, from UniLads in Nike Roches to gay clubs in black Chicago neighbourhoods.

And now, commercial nightclubs in Herefordshire.

In their own words, this is why the Discotek DJs love house music, and just maybe, why you will to:

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Tom Howell

Why I love house music 

House music for me is about tempo. A beat to move to. My love for house music has developed over the many, many shared experiences I’ve had whilst at events with friends.

Why young people love house music 

House music is one of the absolute core sounds you will find in Britain’s nightclubs, which themselves are one of the main forms of entertainment/ escapism for young people in the UK and worldwide.

Why *you* should love house music 

You should love house music because you can party to it, concentrate with it, drive with it, workout with it.

You can go as deeply into it as you like, either by enjoying it as background sound listening on auto-pilot - or paying more attention to the deft percussion in tracks and the nuances between different tracks.

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Martyn Windsor (Magik)

Why I love house music 

My love of ‘Tech House’ music comes from that thing I love most about everything with music - and that’s the energy. When I’m DJ’ing, seeing people’s reactions whether that’s a hand in the air, a jump, a cheer or even a smile when they recognise a track that I play – that makes the time I put in all the more worth it.

Why young people love house music 

There’s honestly no better connection for me that the unity that house music brings. Dancing in a room and turning to my friends when a song gets dropped that we all love so much is priceless for me.

It’s a chance to get away from everything you know for a few hours and let your mood be controlled by the music. That – especially these days –  is an experience that shouldn’t be missed by anyone.

Why *you* should love house music 

So many times I’ve seen weekly regular nights with the same music, the same people, with nothing to focus their energy, attention and excitement on.

This leads to that ever-rising nightlife fight club culture we find all over the UK. House music lights up the nightlife culture and in some way shape or form, and it shows those same people who would usually be truculent to each other to be smiling , laughing and dancing the night away.

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Ross Powl

Why I love house music 

I fell in love with the meditative effects of house music and how it interacts with a person’s mood. Through its primitive drums and percussion that forces the body to move to a certain beat.

I see the opportunity to be the person delivering this energy as a certain privilege in taking the whole tribe on a journey of where ever you feel you should be taking them. It’s good for the soul!

Why young people love house music 

I think house culture is becoming more popular than ever these days, especially in the bigger cities because it brings people together in a ritualistic way. But also, having recently got into producing music too, I’ve realised more that the versatility and potential electronic music has to bring in all root influences – blues, soul, disco, whatever - which is an amazing tool. It gets people out of the house to let their hair down with their friends, bringing all styles together with Discotek.

Why *you* should love house music 

 There are so many different dynamics to house music and why people enjoy it so much, crossing its wide reach of genres and tastes. There its ability to create suspense through breakdowns and build-ups, keeping the crowd thinking about what tracks being brought in next.

As a DJ, creating the atmosphere and controlling the room with presence and tactile track selection is key to keep everyone there and in that happy place. Discotek is a platform where people can have an idea of an Ibiza experience. Whether that be the music we play or the environment we place it in (I.e. INTO THE WOODS).


Head to Play, on Blueschool Street to boogie with the boys. The party runs from 11pm - 4am. Usual door charge and entry rules apply. You can contact the organisers here.

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