Photography Monday, July 25th Words by: Mark Bowen, pictures by: Adam Stephenson

Adam Stephenson: timelapse and space photography in Herefordshire

Photography Monday, July 25th

Adam Stephenson: timelapse and space photography in Herefordshire

The night skies hold a fascination for Hereford photography student Adam Stephenson.

Adam, who is studying for a degree in photography at Hereford College of the Arts, is focused on astrophotography, as well as wildlife and landscapes.

His work, including timelapse video, is attention-grabbing.

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"I've been interested in photography since I was young, getting my first camera for my 8th birthday," said Adam.

"I see it as a way of showing people the beauty of our surroundings which is often overlooked or dimmed due to being surrounded by negative headlines and perspectives of the world."

"Space has always been a passion of mine.

"Ever since I was a little boy I have been amazed by space and the wonders she owns. Within my astrophotography I am able to bring that amazement I feel and introduce it to others, showing them the beauty she possesses and how willing she is to show it to those who seek it."

The natural world closer to home has also proven to be an inspiration.

"My work focuses primarily on creatures of the everyday, celebrating their simplistic beauty that we as human beings, I feel, take for granted," said Adam.

"I feel we need to step back from our selfish ambitions and ideals and celebrate all forms of life with which we share this vibrant and magnificent Earth. 

"When out taking landscape imagery I tend to keep everything in my images as natural as possible and I never change the environment I am shooting in." 

While still studying for his degree in Hereford, Adam's work has attracted attention from outside the county.

In 2014 he was shortlisted in the Top 100 in the BBC Countryfile Calendar Photographic Competition.

A year later he was shortlisted in the Black and White Photographer of the Year 'Emerging Talent' category, and placed in Top 20 of the Amateur Photographer of the Year contest.

One to watch then.

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