Photography Monday, December 11th , pictures by: Banner pic: @jojoangel_21, Tile pic: @neenum

#Herefordshire - the 39 best snow pics of the county on Insta

Photography Monday, December 11th

#Herefordshire - the 39 best snow pics of the county on Insta

I know you've seen a lot of snow pics over the last 48 hours. Like A LOT. 

But, although it is obligatory to snap away when the snow comes down like this, no-one needs to see another blurred shot of your Auntie Doris' back garden swing set, with her finger half-covering the lens.

We've flicked through all the pics tagged '#herefordshire' and picked out the ones that really capture that moment when even the familiar becomes otherwordly thanks to seven inches of the white stuff.

Tag your mates if they made the cut, and don't be offended if you didn't. The bar was stupidly high. Unless you had a pug dressed as snowman, standing next to a snowman, chances are you weren't making the list.

Scroll down to check them out...

(If some of the longer, portrait-oriented pics aren't showing up in full on your mobile - including the pug-dressed-as-a-snowman-next-to-a-snowman, and the herd-of-cows-eyeballing-the-cameraman - click on them to open them in Instagram, we're working to fix the glitch now)


1. A ridiculously cute Jack Russell


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2. A drone video at the Golden Hour (click to play)


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3. 'You talkin' to me?'


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 4. Black Hill, for the brave


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 5. A Withington orchard


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6. Just a pug, in Leopard print jacket, winning at life

7. From the sky at night


A post shared by matt skinner (@mattskinner_14) on

8. A Leominster landscape from Jim Wood

9. One bleak branch


A post shared by Mark Masters (@djmastas) on

10. Always dress for the conditions (click to play)


A post shared by Anna Keirle (@akawoodlouse) on


11. Just some corn-milling, trailer-filling farmers in the Shire


A post shared by Neil Hughes (@farmingintheshire) on

12. House, with bench


A post shared by Jayne (@thousands_of_robins) on

13. Best served chilled


A post shared by Felix Nash (@fine_cider) on

14. Hergest Ridge sheep


A post shared by Samuel Lloyd Jones (@samjones_97_) on

15. Big sun, big sky


A post shared by Jojo Meadows (@jojo_angel21) on

16. A potential Smiths album cover

17. Hereford, from the top of Aylestone Hill


A post shared by Mark (@burton_ii) on

18. Dad duties in Ross-on-Wye


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19. Arty. And we love it.


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20. Snowmanning Level: Expert


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21. 'Expert? hold my beer...'

22. Shobdon swans catching an ice bath


A post shared by Jen (@jenjones1312) on

23. It snows sideways in Much Marcle  


A post shared by Richard (@troikasson) on

24. Roy Strong's garden


A post shared by myleslea (@myleslea) on

25. Someone's lane in Shobdon


A post shared by Zoe (@zoesweet01) on

26. A lonely horse, in a great light


A post shared by Lucy Harris (@lucyharris92) on

27. Flakes


A post shared by AB (@parallelwhisper) on

28. That sky over Tillington


A post shared by GeorgeReese (@george_reesey) on

29. Shameless promo shot that is actually brilliant


A post shared by Lemore Manor (@lemoremanor) on

30. Just a legend at Ledgemoore


A post shared by Ian Berrill (@neenum) on

31. Lyonshall wakeboarding (click to play)


A post shared by The Barns (@thebarnsatupperhouse) on

32. When you're always dressed for the snow


A post shared by Rob Smith (@eaglesboy44) on

33. Probably our favourite. A solitary sledger in Tarrington.


A post shared by Chris Martin ⚡️ (@thecdmartin) on

34. 'Look Ma, no hands.


A post shared by Holly Eckley (@hollyeckley) on

35. Early morning/fresh tracks


A post shared by Kath Harding (@kathharding) on

36. The Great Western Way looking, well, great


A post shared by Gwrys yn Kernow (@_indilouise) on

37. Coming down thick


A post shared by Nick Lattey (@hitoned700) on

38. Farmer Tom's sheep, in full arctic camo gear (click to play)


A post shared by Tom Jones (@farmertomjones) on

39. So you've got to go in to work tomorrow. Your day could be a lot worse (click to play)

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