Photography Friday, December 25th

Location is everything for this Hereford fashion photographer

Location in photography can be everything. Herefordshire photographer Laura Loo chose the Royal Ordnance Factory in Rotherwas for a recent bridal shoot. Here she tells Herefordshire Live why she chose such a unique location.


Photographer Laura Loo chose the Royal Ordance Factory in Rotherwas for this shoot. All photos by Laura Loo.

“The theme of the shoot was beauty and decay. Untitled4

"I wanted to showcase the beauty of my model, Potts, against the beauty of a venue with contrasting qualities.

"Potts created the headresses and bouquets to compliment the vintage clothes and furnishings. Natasha Louise was the make-up artist who added a sixties edgy look to Potts’ natural beauty.

"The location I chose was the Royal Ordnance Factory in Rotherwas. I chose this because I felt it would be the perfect backdrop due to the huge sense of space and the natural light inside. 
It has been left to decay and has layers of graffiti which add further to its character and appeal.

"The results were an almost bridal, festival, anarchic feel amid something that is man-made, clearly marked by the passing of time and now being reclaimed by nature.

"The Royal Ordnance Factory has a significant place in history which made the shoot all the more moving. 

"We were three women undertaking such a project where more than 6,000 women worked and risked their lives on a daily basis for both world wars."

Make-up: Bridal Make-Up by Natasha LouiseHead dress, bouquets, stylist and model: Pattycake Tiptoe / photography and styling: Laura Loo Photography.

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