Photography Monday, November 30th

Photographer profile: Jason Pacey

Jason Pacey’s love of photography stretches back to his formative years.

His father gave him his old camera when he was 12 and after this he gradually bought his own gear,  switching to digital around 10 years ago.

Jason, who lives in Llanwarne, used to mainly shoot landscapes before finding a talent for another field of photography.

“I discovered I was quite good at weddings and built that up as a business,” said Jason, who at one time was shooting 25 weddings a year.

“More and more people feel that they have the ability to photograph a wedding so the market has become overcrowded in the last few years.”

Jason says he does not go out with the aim of finding landscapes to shoot.

“It’s more a case of seeing something and recognising just with the naked eye what would make a good photo and changing your perspective,” he said.

One of his favourite photographic activities is to shoot events including white water rafting and equine ones.

“For me the most important aspect is reading where the action will be and thinking about where the light will be best,” said Jason. 

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