Photography Saturday, August 8th

Photographer profile: Lily Sherratt

Lily May Sherratt is a student at the Hereford College of the Arts who has developed a love of photographing local bands.

Lily, who is from Alconbury in Cambridgeshire between Peterborough and Cambridge, has just finished her second year of her Photography degree at Hereford College of Arts. She has become part of the local community by putting her art into practice taking photos of local musicians.

"I had photographed a band back home called Pearl Handled Revolver as well as other bands that supported them," said Lily. "I got interested in the local music scene here and it spread from there."

She had visited Hereford several times before coming to study in the city.

“I like the smallness of the place," said the 20-year-old. "We had been to Hereford before and really loved it."

IMG 1309 3

This is a photo of my friend Emily Woollaston. In the studio I found it quite fun but when it came to doing it on location it was quite harder. I found there was more pressure on. This is from a college portrait where we had to recreate another portrait so it was about finding props that recreated the original photo which was a photo of Ian Hunter.


This is a picture of Troy Redfern and Kurt Fletcher (from Leominster band Raptor) jamming at the launch of Hereford Blues Club. It captures something quite exciting. Music is one of my main things. It’s possible that I will want to go into this field of photography. It’s something I would be happy doing. Some of my favourite bands are Mott the Hoople, Led Zeppelin, and David Bowie and the Spiders From Mars.


This was for a project on isolation that got onto the front and back cover of a book. It is a park in Hereford and I was looking for images that could depict that feeling of being by yourself and being overwhelmed by a dark and ominous space. I was on my own when I did it. My friends asked me if I was scared but I found relaxing. It’s a time when you feel a bit more vulnerable and scared. It is the fear of the unknown and what is in front of you.


This was another college project and was taken at Long Stanton. This is where there were old railway tracks that have been converted into new bus routes. I don’t find it ugly I find it interesting because of all the different shapes. It is literally in the middle of nowhere.


This is the Commando memorial at Spean Bridge in Scotland. It was the first time we went to see it but we have driven past it many times before. I wanted to get an interesting photo of it. I took quite a few photos of it but this one came out as the best. It was really hard taking it because there were so many tourists and I wanted the statue to be the focus.


This was for another project. It was about me being a triplet. The envelope brings the eggs together. The envelope has got our names on it. It's probably for a card that was sent from the States where my mum has family. I like being a triplet because it means you have got someone to do things with even if we have our own hobbies. The downside is the bickering that happens from time to time. If you have got a sibling and you say you don’t argue with them then it’s probably not true. People ask if I mind sharing my birthday. I don’t. I get to share it with them so what is the problem? 


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