Photography Wednesday, December 16th

Photographer profile: Rob Scamp

Capturing an emotional response to a landscape is at the heart of Rob Scamp’s photographic vision.
Rob from Aymestry responds to landscapes in the way most other photographers would react to people.
“You have got to have that sort of emotional response to capture a landscape otherwise anybody could go and do it,” said Rob.
“You have a responsibility to capture your emotional response to what is in front of you and if I do that it’s job done.
“It’s about trying to create a photo that gets back to your emotional response to a scene. It needs to speak to me – if it does not it gets binned.”
Rob started taking photos on a compact camera in 2007 when he was producing stills for a DVD about the Lake District.
Following this Rob stopped taking photos for a time after being disappointed with what he was capturing.

After getting back into taking pictures he purchased a SLR in 2010 providing him with an opportunity to shoot full frame
“It is at that point that your education starts,” says Rob.
“Your eye can see a scene naturally. It can cope with the subtleties of light and dark but a camera cannot do that.
“I always try to get back to how I remember the scene looking.”
Rob’s entry into a national competition last year caused such a stir that his work was displayed at London Euston.
His shot of a view from the Malvern Hills was blown up to 30 foot wide for capital commuters to enjoy a taste of the rural life after Network Rail got involved to promote the awards.
This image was one of three that were shortlisted in the 2014 Landscape Photographer Of The Year contest that went on to feature in a book and exhibition of the competition.
“Of 200 images they had to choose from they chose this. We went down to see it and it was quite surreal. It was just massive,” said Rob.
“I had the view to myself and there were fingers of light that emerged on the landscape.”

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