Sport Saturday, January 23rd

Get moving: Sport England backed scheme will help you move more in 2016

We all know the mantra eat well, move more.

But much like resisting that second slice of cake, it’s easier said than done (or is it just me?).

If you need motivation or moral support, Herefordshire’s cultural health defender Brightstripe – the community interest company striving to improve the county’s wellbeing through arts, sports and physical activity – can help.

This month the team based at Hereford College of Arts is launching Active HERE. This three-year project, funded by Sport England and Herefordshire Council Public Health, is designed to get inactive people active.

With an estimated 35,000 Herefordians getting less than 30 minutes of exercise a week, co-ordinator Sarah Volpe says it will make a real difference to county lives, cutting the risk of chronic illness and getting us out the drive-to-work, sit-at-a-desk, collapse-on-the-sofa routine.

FitWeek nordic

"The idea is that people are supported through one-to-one meetings to find an activity to suit them, this could be a class or a team based activity," said Sarah.

"If you have been inactive during the last seven days then you are eligible to join. Quite a few people fall into that category."

Once you’re in touch with Active HERE, you’ll be asked about your lifestyle and habits.

"We basically have a good chat," said Sarah. 

"We find out what activity you might like, what you really don’t. Some people might need just a little nudge in the right direction – they are the ones who are motivated to change but need help getting started.

"For other people, there could be real barriers to participation so we’d arrange to meet face-to-face and together we’d figure out a way to go forward."

It’s a bespoke service; if the phrase ‘boot camp’ strikes fear into your heart, you’re not going to be signed up to one. 

And the growing list of clubs and classes Brightstripe will signpost people to is impressively varied – golf, Jog and Jiggle, Tai Chi, walking netball, football, Zumba, fencing, tennis, table tennis, racket ball, the gym.

"For many inactive people, there’s a nervousness about starting again," said Sarah.

"There are all sorts of reasons for inactivity. And barriers to participation could be confidence, social, or financial.

"Some of the people we’ll be working with will have been inactive for maybe a couple of years, others might not have played sport since school."

To find out more call 01432 383567.

Give these a go in 2016

At the Point 4 in Hereford, bootcamp is a not-so-scary (but still quite intensive) three-week programme designed to work for everyone. Led by an expert, campers work at their own level whether they’re already active, want to get back into fitness or haven’t crossed a finishing line since sports day. The next Point 4 Bootcamp runs June 13 – July 1 (Monday to Fridays, 6pm – 7pm).

Old School ETM at Wye Leisure. No kettlebells, no spin bikes, no yoga mats required. Billed as “a flashback to an old style exercise to music class”, this high intensity programme puts you in a room with an instructor and fast-paced tunes, nothing else. It’s designed to target all the muscle groups and involves impacting/compacting movements such as jogging and jumping. £6.95 per class or free for Wye Leisure members.  

You against the clock. The Hereford Parkrun, now in its second year, is a 5km run that takes place at Hereford Leisure Centre (Holmer Road) at 9am every Saturday. Around 100 people take part each week. Organised by volunteers and free to enter, you run at your own pace, with friends or on your own – whatever you want. Check out the course and how to get your barcode before you attend. Without your barcode, you won’t get a time.

Natalie Rouse’s informed Nutritional Seminars at the Point 4 are new for 2016, and an ideal way to get to grips with healthy living. This is about cutting back on sugar, not being frightened of fat, learning to love Omega 3 and realising that your body – whatever shape or size, deserves good, nutritious food. They are held on the second Tuesday of every month. 

For youngsters, the community classes from 2FacedDance are high-energy, creative and excellent exercise. Try breakdancing, street dance or urban contemporary. 

Get your glowsticks out for this 90s disco. Clubbercise classes are held weekly at the Core on Foley Trading Estate in Hereford, Aylestone Business and Enterprise College in Hereford, and Earl Mortimer College in Leominster. Class leader Emily Cooke is launching in Ross-on-Wye at the start of February and looking to start kids Clubbercise in the next month or so. It's £5 a session, including glowsticks, and if you attend 10 sessions you get the 11th for free. 



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