Sport Friday, December 18th Words by: Adam Knight, pictures by: Mark Bowen

Fit Week Challenge #1: Bring Sally Up

Sport Friday, December 18th

Fit Week Challenge #1: Bring Sally Up

Welcome to the first in a series of fun, daily Get Fit challenges set by our very own fitness guru, Max Munro.

Whether you’re climbing Kilimanjaro this year, taking on your first 5k or just looking to shift a bit of that turkey-weight – there is no better time than January to stop scrolling through Netflix and take that first step.

And thanks to this series of five challenges, that first step doesn’t even have to be out into the cold, wet January night – all these workouts can be done from home, with no specialist equipment.

Kickstart your training and your year with these challenges – and let us know how you do on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

The best photos and videos will win a FREE place on Max's next bootcamp (which usually cost £100).

Fit Week Challenge #1: “Bring Sally Up”

This one’s nice and simple. You know the “Bring Sally up, Bring Sally down” song by Moby (it’s actually called Flower – and you can find it on the Spotify link below)?

All you have to do is follow the leader.


Every time Moby says ‘Bring Sally Down’, you squat down. Every time he says ‘Bring Sally Up’, you stand up again.

Sounds simple, right? And the song’s only three minutes long, 26 seconds long. Just don’t forget to hold the squats until he tells you to stand back up again. Enjoy the burn.


Max Munro is a certified Crossfit trainer, runs a variety of popular bootcamps and workout classes across the county and also specialises in personal training.

For more information about his sessions call him 07492 676611 or email

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