Sport Monday, January 18th Words by: Adam Knight, pictures by: Mark Bowen

Fit Week Challenge #4: Mind Over Matter. Over Gravity.

Sport Monday, January 18th

Fit Week Challenge #4: Mind Over Matter. Over Gravity.

Welcome to the fourth in a series of fun, daily Get Fit challenges set by our very own fitness guru, Max Munro.

Kickstart your training, and your year, with these challenges – and let us know how you do on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The best photos and videos will win a free place on Max's next bootcamp (worth £100).

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Challenge #4 – Mind Over Matter. Over Gravity.

WARNING: If you are planning a ski trip in the next 48 hours, be aware that this workout may cause you to set off the metal detectors at the airport. Because of your ABS OF STEEL.

thumbsupFor today’s challenge, all you need is a wall, and a stopwatch and shedload of willpower.

There are two exercises, you just need to hold each one for as long as possible, and add the times together to get your total.



First up, it’s the Wall Sit.

Start with your feet about a foot from the wall and slide you back down until your hips are just below your knees.

Get comfy, breathe, and have a bucket of water to hand as pretty soon your thighs will be ON FIRE.

Max’s Top Tip: “Try not to rest your hands on your knees, you want your legs to take the full load.”




Second up, is The Plank.

Not to be confused with the viral trend beloved by drunk people, the plank is the king of core exercises – get it right and it will help everything from your posture to your sprinting.

Start off on your knees – like in the first photo – and if you are totally stable and irrationally confident, simply raise your knees, keeping your shoulders and hips level.

Have a play around, and whichever position feels most comfortable, hold it for as long as possible. In my experience, a watched clock never ticks – you’re best putting the stopwatch out of sight, gritting your teeth and holding on for as long as possible. As soon as your perfect form goes, tap out. Tomorrow is another day.

Max’s Top Tip: “As you get into the position, brace your abs like you are about to take a punch to the stomach.”





And that's it. Just one more daily challenge to go. If you need some tunes to distract you when your legs start a-trembling, check out today's #PumpUpPlaylist from Wasps rugby star Guy Thompson.

Max Munro is a certified Crossfit trainer, runs a variety of popular bootcamps and workout classes across the county and also specialises in personal training.

For more information about his sessions call him 07492 676611 or email

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